Epic Events of 2010 that you missed while I was wondering… Better late than never?
If you follow me on twitter you may have heard a little about these topics either way, enjoy!

I completed my FIRST 5K race on January 30, 2010. I came in 42nd out of 119 in the female 20-24 year old division. My finishing time was 29:32.23 – I reach my personal goal of being under 30 minutes. Jessenia also participated. In the same division she was 22nd with 27:28.41 as her time. Yeah – we are awesome. I really wish I would have posted a race re-cap, I have NEVER felt so proud and accomplished. When I began my weight loss journey it was a huge challenge for me to run just ¼ mile and I was able to complete an entire 3.1 mile race! I am sort of looking into a 10K to enter but I’m slightly worried that summer time in Florida might not be the best timing… We will see. It would be nice to have someone to train with if I do register for a 10K, so it’s a work in progress. Note: Running is addicting…

Last month I won a radio contest.
The package included an all expense paid trip to Hollywood, California for the Academy Awards with the female co-host of the morning radio show I listen to. It also included tickets to the Academy Award Nominees gifting suites and tickets to the Elton John Oscar Viewing party. Ummm, Elton John totally kissed my cheek and thanked me for coming – really! The people who arranged this trip spared NO expense. We stayed at the “W Hotel” in Hollywood. I could write pages of things I was exposed to but here are the highlights. There are more pictures on my facebook if you are interested.

Miley Cyrus – She grabbed some “mystery drink” from the bar, can’t confirm or deny if underage drinking took place.

The Super SEXY Chase Crawford (Gossip Girl) and J.C from Nsync – I almost died! Chase Crawford is in my top 5, Edward Cullins remains my #2 and #1 is of course the brown eyed boy I live with.

Another Nsyncer -->Lance Bass

The Infamous Mario Batali – We had dinner at his restaurant and I had a life changing mozzarella appetizer that deserves recognition. It was a crostini topped with shallots, baslimic roasted onions, bacon and the most delicate mozzarella I’ve EVER tasted!

Victoria Beckham

Nicole Richie

Jessica Lowndes (New 90210)

Lastly – I got the Monroe piercing on the right side of my lip and colored my hair dark brown,
was feeling like the blonde was a little out dated.

I hope all of you are feeling good and taking care of your self! If not - treat yourself to a bubble bath tonight. Keep your heads high, its Friday EVE.


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