24- Hour Fit This!

Howdy, Y’all –

For the past 6-9 months my usual workout was: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday aerobics class and running twice a week close to home. For a short period I attended a few yoga classes. Two weeks ago I printed the 7-day free trial for 24-Hour Fitness “The Biggest Loser Gym”, hehe. (Woah - Kind sounds like a sales pitch?)

After just one ZUMBA CLASS at 24-Hour Fitness I had to join! Zumba is a crazy and creative calorie burn! If aerobics class and salsa/merengue dancing had a baby its name would pretty much be ZUMBA!

So I officially have my first REAL nifty gym membership. I feel like such an adult! I am beyond impressed with the selection of group workout classes they offer and at incredibly convenient hours. Yay, for getting my monies worth because I only go to the gym for classes or the pool. Florida =run outdoors

Ever since I joined my motivation tank has been full to the top. If I was single I might declare the gym my new lover. I want to be there all the time. Yeah – I’m that serious.

Anyways - Besides Zumba, I’ve attended:

Spin (X2) – Each time I fall more in love. I enjoy every sweat drop, mmmuuuhhaaahh! I love their rockin jams that I can sing along to. I have to say I’m struggling with knowing how many calories I burn so I don't know how many to compensate/replenish food wise. Suggestions?
Caitlin posted today about post workout nausea. Its too ironic because driving home last night from spin (followed by yoga) I almost had to pull over because I was that nauseous. Then, at dinner I was not very hungry but my belly was growling. Weird stuff is going down! Must continue to investigate.

Yoga (X2) - My soul had been craving a nice soothing session. This yoga is different than what I’m familiar with – quicker, more advanced but still enjoyable.
FYI: I was on yogadownloads.com today and found a FREE video that is VERY similar to the style and sequence of the class at 24-Hour Fitness if you are interested.

Sculpting – Class focused on upper body with free weight and weight bars, sadly that was the first time I met Mr. Weight Bar so I just acted the part. Confession:Ugh, I can’t do a pull up. Upper body work is defiantly a challenge for me. The class setting pushed me further than I usually do and made it a little less painful. Thumbs up, I woke up sore.

Camp24 – Bootcamp style, would you have guessed by the name? I did this class unexpectedly AFTER a Zumba class so I didn’t have much energy. Its defiantly an intense challenge. I appreciated the instructor not screaming in my face.

I’m learning that the instructors individualize their classes. (Cough.newbie.Cough)

I stopped by the library over the weekend and scored big with
one of my "eyes closed just grab books".
I'm flying through this 427 page book. From the looks of things soon enough I will get to the chapter about pre and post workout food consumption.

Spread the word Operation Beautiful style -->

Did you know (
according to this book) a GREEN banana with
some yellow is 7% sugar? A mostly yellow banana is 65% sugar and brown spotted/speckled bananas are 90% sugar!?! I about died when I read that.

Have you become addicted to any thing lately? I just keep craving spin class and kale chips......


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