The day I did "it"...

Ever hear the phrase “do something each day that scares you”? I used to get anxiety just thinking about danger or unfamiliar situations. Who am I kidding – I used to be B-O-R-I-N-G! Spontaneity had been a character trait that I lacked my entire life. I forced control and structure on to every situation, event, vacation, meal, everything…. Throughout the remodeling of my lifestyle I also have been working towards becoming a happier person simply because for so long I wasn’t living life, I was always the observer. I constantly settled for what was easy and convenient out of fear from the unknown, fear of failure, fear of rejection.

It’s no secret that I’ve had a 20-year membership to the “all or nothing” club and that begun to bother me once I noticed how quickly that mindset triggers unhealthy actions and emotions. Like the entire world, we all slip up and make mistakes. That connection and accepting that I am human has allowed me to move away from judging success by how perfect the journey has been.

As I mentioned I purchased a membership to a real gym! Don’t let anyone fool you, big chain gyms are intimidating MAJOR! For the past couple weeks I would check in at the front desk, stop in the

locker room, walk to the class room, attend class, locker room again then, leave. I got butterflies when I considered making my way to the “middle” of the gym where the equipment is. The weight section is filled with hot dog neck body builders that are HUGE and SCARY looking. They are bright red in color with leather belts, gloves and who knows what else! I mean they freaking walk around with GALLONS of water. Nough said? That explains why I feel more comfortable in the classes with mostly women who are at a similar level of fitness as me. Well – Let me tell you about yesterday’s landmark!

Before work I reserved my spot for the 5:30PM spin class, second time this week, with the intention of doing the body sculpt class afterwards since I’ve been slacking on upper body! Around 2PM I started to get sucked into the dangerous afternoon downer vortex. As I listened to my mind try to convince my body that is was too tired/sore to workout a third day in a row I texted “Babe: I’m exhausted and sore. Dunno if I should try to suck it up or rest.” – I secretly was so hopeful that he would reply “Why don’t ya take a night off? Wine & a movie?” Instead his response “Maybe just do one class, doesn’t have to be all or nothing”. That simple reminder was worth $1,000.00! It’s simple but true. Why don’t I just go see how I feel and then decide, instead I was injecting negative energy into the decision. Now to the point…. I wanted to get use of my $1.00 spin reservation

so I listen and let my heart do the guiding. In place of doing what I felt I “should” do - I did the workout that “I WANTED” and I wanted to do some freaking upper body, get my $1 use and not be there two hours. The only way to fulfill all those requirements was to walk into the darkness. I set out to use the weight equipment even if all those intimidators were around. Guess what! I survived, enjoyed myself and feel like a bad ass! Major confidence booster and I am hella sore today.

I'm such a nerd but I really enjoy being at the gym. There’s so much variety that time passes quickly. I do still enjoy my weekly outdoor/beach runs but the gym is keeping me motivated! It has been extremely fun to have such a variety of workouts available each week.

Unrelated Confession: I totally dorked out today. I got way too excited about how satisfying (?thrilling?) our “clean out the pantry, frig, frez week” has been. I'm just going to go ahead and pat my self on the back, brb. I’ve been so distracted that I didn’t get pictures this week or it might be the result of my severe Cannon Rebel jealousy problem.

Cleanout Concocktions Shout Outs:

Taco Pie (Taco Flavored Gnd Beef + L/O Corn + Diced Tomatoes + L/O Pie Crust - topped with sour creme)

Mojo Chicken Veggie Kabobs with Couscous (Mojo Marinade + L/O Mushrooms, Peppers and Squash) **Couscous made two extra serving to save for another meal/lunch?**

Reheated L/O frozen chili then added to romaine lettuce as salad topping

How many people get creative with their leftovers? If I don't hide them then boys won't eat them.


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