Holla Back Girl

Even though this long holiday weekend is only 2/3 of the way over I defiantly have made the most of my free time. Friday night in the middle of the night I woke up and thought “I want to try to run, bike and swim tomorrow” – Note to self: You might have lost it if your first thought is about your next workout. I got an early start to my day; since I was planning on running right away I didn’t want to eat too large of a breakfast.
Here is my first attempt at breakfast = FAILURE! Tried to use Kale in my green monster since I was out of spinach. Also, replaced the banana with berries but tasted like CRAP! Tired to down it but couldn't!

Result – Breakfast two… Plain and Simple

Fruit 2day smoothie and slice of wheat toast w/ laughing cow spread

My brother actually ended up joining me for the workout!

We RAN – 40 MINUTES (recording time because there is a discrepancy about the distance ☺)


There were so many “sidewalk closed” signs that we ended up “off road” a few times. Woah – It was a CHALLENGE. Glad, my brother came with me – It resulted in biking twice as far as I thought I could.

After the run and bike ride we were starving. I drove very quickly to Publix and bought us subs! I ate the Boar’s Head EverRoast Chicken Wheat 6” Sub with lettuce, banana peppers and black olives. Devine! Added some baby carrots when I got home.

After lunch the usual Florida Summer Clouds rolled in, so there was no swimming for me. I think it was a sign because I knew my body was spent but I was planning on pushing it. I took a nap instead and woke up feeling icky. All week I’ve been fighting the flu symptoms so it was a simple bowl of canned tomato soup and Kashi Fire Roasted Grain Crackers. There is something about my childhood comfort of condensed Campbell’s Tomato soup mixed with 1/8C milk and 1tsp butter. Its best with a gooey grilled cheese sandwich but I wasn’t interested in that tonight. Light. Soothing. Delish.

Today – I went to the 11AM spin class and did 30 minutes of upper body. It was nice to have such few people in the weight area. I was able to explore a little more comfortably. Then, I decided to lay poolside for a couple hours. Kim Kardashian is on the cover of Shape magazine this month so that made for a good read. My eats were a little off today so didn’t wanna bore you. I was not very hungry so I did a lot of 200-300 snack session instead of actual meals.

I learned a few things about some of my choices this weekend.
1. Need to create a play list of fast passed music. Noting like “Soothing Spa Notes” coming up during your running plateau.
2. Even if you think you aren’t going to be in the sun long enough to need sunscreen, put it on any ways. I got major tank top tan lines on Saturday’s excursions!
3. Since I kicked my activity up so much these past few days – I have been CRAVING SALT. PURE SALT!

Each time I try something new I usually learn something. Have to you come across any useful learning curves?

The boys are out of the house tonight so I’m thinking about watching a chick flick while making our meal plan for this week. Feeling wide-awake, hope I don’t find myself cleaning the baseboards in a few hours but I do have a banana in the freezer that has soft server all over it!

Are you having an active weekend or laying low?


Samantha said...

I love that you thought about all your activity for the day first thing in the morning. I do that too sometimes. I take it to mean that yes, I am a little crazy but also that I love exercise, that its not a chore and its not some phase I will get tired of.

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