Today I feel like telling a story...

A love story about a boy and a girl.

In the fall of 2003, a tall dark and handsome young man by the name of Orlando was just 19 years old. He was the youth leader of a local Hispanic church that his father pastured. Little Miss.Kristy was a broken hearted 15 year old looking for love in all the wrong faces. She was still devastated from the breakup with her first and ONLY boyfriend, teenagers can be so dramatic! To distract her mind, Kristy’s mother suggested for her to become more active in their church youth group. One Saturday, Kristy and Orlando’s youth groups arranged a combined car wash to raise money for the church building that both congregations shared. That day turned out to be the preface to their chapter book.
Kristy was very attracted to Orlando’s spontaneous, rebellious appeal – not to mention his great butt. Her young immature wounded soul chased after him like a puppy following a squeaky toy. His presence soothed her wounds. His smell aroused her. She was hopelessly consumed by his essence. Just six months after dating he moved into her parents house due to some unforeseen circumstances. Since that day – they have slept in the same bed each night. This story may sound a little nontraditional because it is! Their love is unique.

Seven years later they are happily living their love song in a home that they created with the most precious dog you have ever seen, Bailey!
Orlando is not my boyfriend, my fiance or my husband. He is my partner, my rock, my best friend. Daily I wake up next to him, grateful to see his innocent face fasted asleep as I continue to fall deeper in love. No matter how dreary my day is he never fails to add the touch of brightness that I have become accustomed to. Ever since he entered my life I no longer felt alone. He is never in front or behind me – he is always beside. (Except when we go running, his legs are so much longer than mine! No Fair!)

Seven years is longer than most marriages last, so you might be wondering how such immature individuals have remained infatuated for over 2,555 days. The truth is – we have grown together. The path has not always been smooth, strong and steady but there truly isn’t one day with him that I would change, growing pains included simply because where we have been is the foundation of where we are now.

Prior to changing my outlook and committing to lead a healthy life, having a PERFECT shiny spotless OCD style home was my main concern.
Exhibit A: Every single can/box in the pantry had to face front in a specific order
Exhibit B: The towels all had to be folded in the EXACT same way, resulting in the same size/shape
There was no variation allowed to anything in my routine or I would fall apart and my whole day/week would be ruined! It was my way – all or nothing. (I was kinda sorta a bitch) Ugh, if you thought working out 5 days a week was tough, maintaining that lifestyle was exhausting! I held myself captive for too many years, wasted so many opportunities. I’ll save the “How I broke away from those unhealthy habits” story for another time but since I was investing all of my free time in being a crazy controlling lady I not only neglected to take care of myself but I neglected some of Orlando’s needs. Luckily, I stopped that train dead in it’s tracks before it was too late.

The best advice I can give for a thriving relationship is don’t waste too many moments fighting, being jealous or controlling. Appreciate life and spend time doing things that bring you closer together. If at this point your hobbies and interests are contrasting start with investing time in the bedroom. Honestly – SPICE IT UP and bust out that whip! If you thought food was the way to a man’s heart wait until he responds to you in a leather corset and knee high boots. Bowchickabowow…

While we are on the topic of couples. Angela posted the other day about the connection between couples gaining and losing weight together. I did not even realize that Orlando and I totally fall into that category. I will take partial credit for his weight gain. He ate what I cooked --> low nutrition high fat foods! I was always trying to show my love for him with food. Activity was absent from our lives for a few years. He was consumed by video games and I was focused on making excuses for why I was unhappy with MYSELF.

Here is us November 2008

Here is us Last Week (Not sure who stole our smiley faces)
Orlando never jumped on the healthy train. What has worked for him has been a slow transition. He cut out soda, started eating more than one meal a day and recently began to run with me at the beach. He is constantly making progress. He is actually drinking water without me giving him a 10 minute lecture on how critical water consumption is for existing.
Things are better when we are together. I am incredibly grateful that we can share more than a pizza plus a tray of brownies and still feel fulfilled.


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