What’s good?

I wish people would begin a conversation with “what is good?” –

Example “Hello, Nice to see you again. What’s good in your life?” VERSES the dreaded repetitive “Hello, How are you?” phrase that I have to answer 5,478 times A DAY! <-- (Someone needed a little venting today…)

When people hear the question “How are you?” They usually reply in one of two ways:
A) Lie and just say “good, fine, well”
B) Explain all the crappy things that are going on
There are few people who give a reply that makes me glad I asked….. Sheesh, that needs improvement!
In honor of my little “what’s good” theme: I wanted to share discovereies that have brought a smile to my face. If you asked me "what is good" today this would be my reply. Beware… random thoughts ahead!

Treasure #1
I mentioned on twitter that I am seeking friends. **Cough**
“You might be lame if…. You announce that you are friend less and looking”
Anyways – I’ve found a friend. Sadly it is neither a male or female but a fruit….ORANGES! Oranges have become my best friend lately. They are so refreshing and bright.

I can try to hid them in my mouth and I can take them along for pre-workout snack or leave them to rest when needed. You should try inviting some over this week, they are great company!

Treasure #2
I don’t know about you but I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting FUN packages in the mail, it’s even better when they are unexpected and FREE. All-Bran sent me this thrilling sample pack that I am anxious to try. Its not clear why this kind company sent me these treats but I’m grateful. Who knows maybe if you show some love they will do the same for you.
I accidently deleted, well the camera ate the picture but you get the idea.

Treasure #3
Amazing Leftover Rewinds
“Chili Salad” --> Romine lettuce topped with left over warmed chili and sour crème acted as the “dressing”
Anything Goes Stuffed Pita --> Leftover grilled chicken, spinach, mushrooms and red pepper hummus with leftover corn.

Bravo award goes to….
The “Cesar Chicken Sandwich” that rocked my dinner plate last week

Treasure #4
Caitlin posted about social networking and consumers. Here is proof of how awesome the connection really is. I recently visited Pollo Tropical to order dinner. The boys usually get the chicken family meal and I was craving some of their delicious soup! That mission was a failure because POLLO TROPICAL (English = Tropical Chicken) was freaking out of chicken. Not sure how** you run out of your main profit maker but they did so I commented on twitter. Well, the people over at Pollo Tropical cared so much that they contacted me and sent me this to compensate! How Awesome!

**They claim that a high volume of customers resulted in me being chicken less.

Treasure #5
Last summer Orlando and I took a trip to Key Largo, it was an unbelievable trip. (#EVENEPIC?) On the drive home I had to stop at Shell World, where I found a very unique wooden ring that I adored. That ring went MIA about 6 months ago, ever since a small portion of my soul has been searching for it. Luckily – I found a replacement on Ebay for less than $5.00! :Jumps for joy: Now I am again the proud owner a stylish wooden ring. :LOVES:

Check IT! I spotted these bad boys in the grocery last month. They are pretty much liquid fruit, nothing else added (some have fruit juice and cinnamon added). I found they are great to chug or drink if you are low on calories and headed to an intense workout. They are super light on my tummy and fill me well. Score!
Please lend a helping review! I want to purchase a heart rate monitor to know how many calories I’m burning (during spin, zumba, bootcamp, running, ect) – this way I can gauge how many calories to need to be replenished. Sounds like a plan right? Well, I’ve done tons of research and am leaning towards the
Polar F6. I would love to hear any feedback/suggestions you have on this topic. It’s a $large$ purchase so I want to be confident in my decision. Any information would be helpful. Muchas Gracias!

What are some sweet finds that you have stumbled across?


Jessenia Lynel said...

lol it's so not lame that your looking for friends .. i could use some too! haha i wish we lived closer .. I need to come visit you one of these days. :) I saw those fruit things the other day i'll have to try them!

Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

i've just gotten around to reading your may posts. LOVE the "what is good?" proposition. i'm going to use that! also, instead of "have a nice day" i'm going to say "happy day!" it takes it up a notch, don't you think?

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