99 Problems but Dream in’ Ain’t One

121 things in 1001 days

The Mission : Complete 121 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. Why? Because. I NEVER finish anything, except my plate. I want to live life not just functionDay dreaming

The Criteria : Tasks must be specific (i.e. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (i.e. represent some amount of work on my part). Eye-rolling

Why 1001 Days? They say the key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days ( 2.75 yearsish) is a more reasonable period of time than a year. It allows for several seasons to complete the tasks, which helps with organizing and timing. Promoting success?

START DATE: Sunday - August 1, 2010

END DATE: Sunday – April 28th, 2013


KEY: Italic = In Progress / Bold= Completed

Health and Fitness

1Survive thirty days without diet soda

2Cook dinner at home for thirty days without repeats

3Fit into my size 4/6 clothes

4Obtain a fitness instructor certification

5Go to bed by 10:00PM for a week

6Become a lifetime Weight Watcher member

7Complete the Julian Michaels 30 Shred Circuit Workout Video

8Run a ½ Marathon

9Ride my bike to the gym

10Run a Marathon

11Be able to do the crane pose

12Take tennis or golf lessons

13Hold plank position for more than 1 1/2 minutes

14Become a triathlet

15Take a Bikram yoga class

16Ride my bike to my mom’s house


17Camp in the yard with my brothers

18Go “garage sailing” with my mom

19Spend the day with my mom for no reason

20Take my Aunt Deb on a date

21Go to the drive-in theater with my brothers

22Beat a video game


23Have sex in a public place

24Dress up like “Star Wars” characters

25Get a bikini wax

26Wake up in the middle of the night and have sex

27Go out to dinner and only order drinks & dessert

28Have sex for (7) consecutive days

29Kiss in the rain

30Get an outdoor couples massage

31Watch porn alone


32Learn the basics of better photography

33Rent a limo

34Get a tattoo

35Read 12 books: no cheating

36Win some money

37Burn something that pisses me off

38Play in a public fountain

39Save $1,000 of my OWN $money$

40Take an ice bath

41Stay within my grocery budget for three months

42Color my hair DARK brown or BLACK

43Eat at an upscale restaurant (dressing-up required)

44Photo copy my butt

45Start a higher education program

46Get a passport

47Love myself naked

48Learn how to make authentic Pastels

49Perfect a Flan de Queso recipe

50Swim with Dolphins

51Delete my facebook & myspace account

52Learn to play an entire song on the keyboard


53Go on a cruise

54Attend a blogger convention

55Visit Amsterdam

56Attend !Fantasy Fest!

57Eat dinner in Miami at an authentic latin dive

58Go on a road trip with no itinerary


59Go horseback riding on the beach

60Spend $100 at a strip club

61Watch a musical or play

62Eat a fish taco

63Make something out of clay

64Do a body shot

65Go to the shooting range

66Plant a tree

67See Jason Mraz live

68Milk a cow

69Ride a mechanical bull

70Send a message in a bottle

71Take a cooking class

72Have professional pictures taken with Bailey

73Go on a night fishing charter boat

74Test drive a car I cant afford

75Attend a “wine tasting”

76Fall asleep under the stars

77Attend an NFL game

78Donate Blood

79Go water rafting

80Attend a fashion show

81Spend an entire week “unplugged”

82See Jack Johnson in concert

83Go an entire month without using disposable products (i.e. paper plates&towels, baggies, ect) at home (toilet paper is the ONLY exception)


84Learn to salsa dance

85Perform twelve random acts of kindness

86Tie-Dye something

87Learn how to paddleboard

88Host a bake sale

89Create a yoga/mediation room

90Make homemade pasta

91Repair a vintage clock

92Write a song

93Sew an outfit

94Paint my nails and toes like a rainbow

95Make my own wine


96Buy Rain boots

97Own something Chanel

98Open an IRA

99Buy a telescope

100Start a college fund for each of my brothers


101Grow an herb garden

102Volunteer for a day

103Obtain a concealed weapons permit

104Constistancy= Establish a AM routine

105Give my lunch to a homeless person

106Constistancy= Establish a PM routine

107Jump in a pool/ocean fully clothed

108Adopt a sibling for Bailey

109Learn to speak Spanish

110Contact a congress person to support a cause

111Raise over $250 for a charity

112Learn to accept “good enough”

113Discover a way to enjoy drinking coffee

114Send my mom flowers

115Make homemade sausage biscuits and gravy

116Become a happy early riser

117Spend an entire weekend doing ONLY thing that I WANT to do

118Try a vegan/vegetarian restaurant

119Play connect the dots with my freckles

120REALLY – Go camping


121Make a new list when this one is complete


Stay Tuned –

Projects starts tomorrow!

Snack Packers

Gahhh - I hate when I think of something ingenious and then forget!

I should really hurry and type before I forget everything!Tongue out

I'll be the first to admit that the topics can be very repetitive and uninformative at Weight Watchers but this week’s focus was useful to anyone who eats, food that is - n/a to vamps.
I used to have a strict eating schedule during the week:
  • 8:30A - Breakfast
  • 10:30A - Snack (the usual piece of fruit)
  • 1:00P - Lunch
  • 4:30P - Snack
  • 8:30P - Dinner
Recently, I've noticed that when I eat a wholesome breakfast (Oats, Greek Yogurt, Whole Grin Muffin) with fresh fruit instead of cold cereal or egg whites with toast, I'm not as snacky through out the morning. Minusing my AM snack usually prompts an earlier lunch, but I' m not complaining. The amount of protein in my lunch truly effects if I need something to munch on before dinner. I'm enjoying giving my body an opportunity to be vocal, if I'm real real alert I can give my body what it needs.Winking

Here are a few of the unique suggestions I stole from the meeting:
(Weight Watchers promotes 0-2 point snacks which usually = 50-150 calories, remember each of us have personal caloric needs)

  • Cut up "Flat Out Bread" and bake in oven for mock "tortilla chip"
  • Laugh Cow Cheese + Greek Yogurt + Spinach = Dip
  • Homemade Hummus
  • Homemade Blackbean Dip
  • Bake then Freeze Egg SoufflĂ©
  • Baked Cinnamon Apple Slices (thin)
  • Shredded Vegetable Cakes
  • Hungry Girl "Apple Slaw"

Some of my all time favorite snacks!
Apple + Peanut Butter
Frozen Grapes
Sour Creme + Powder Ranch Season + Carrot Sticks
Cold Cuts
Frozen Banana Slices
Raw Veggies
Raw Fruit (with cool whip or fluff)
Vita top
Any Nuts (I LOVE Smokey Almonds and Cocoa Roasted Almonds)
Hard Pretzels
Air popped popcorn with Cinnamon
Salsa with corn chips
Cold Orange slices

Snack on peeps!

What are some of your fav snacks? Are there any snack foods you cant find a less guilty substitution for?

One day I'm obsessed with something and the next I’m sick to death. Do you go through food "phases"?

And I’m off to cook pasta with meat sauce! Back to reality – staycation is over.

Going to die OF excitement!

Six hours from day three and five hours from day four of staycation were spent creating and organizing this here new blog template! (Something I've been fantasying about for weeks) I am beyond proud and excited. Everything looks to be accounted for and functioning properly.happy-face
The only thing is a few of the old post fonts were distorted but NO BIG DEA- just gotta bear with.

Is someone going to wake me up in five minutes? I feel like I'm dreaming. My blog finally has personality and I did it all on my own. Just me and blogger help forums. I'm glad I did the trial and error method myself. It was ridiculously time consuming and would not have happened without that 2-liter of diet Pepsi last night.I dont know I Invested 10+ hours and saw the sunrise this morning, while the boys were glued to Star Craft II.
I learned a bunch of new options and tools that are available! High Five - For self teaching and feeling advanced! Now that the page is organized and categorized I have more structure for my thoughts. I'm known to be random at times.

Confession- I would like to post more often and learn how to use my digital camera properly.
I’ve downloaded Windows Live Writer – and life got whole lot sweeter! So it might be easier to accomplish.

Can you keep a secret? WinkingAs I proof read my weight loss success story I was weary to hit publish. It exposes my very personal insecurities and struggles. Please know that by sharing the pictures I’m attempting to move on to the next phase of my life. I no longer want my weight to be my identity. It is a reflection of where I have come from, not where I am going.

I hope you enjoy my journey and philosophies.

Bread, Books and Peanut Butter

Ahhhh, waking up at 10:00AM on a MONDAY… it’s been a while.IMG_1825 Sadly, I woke up to find that my Monroe piercing is red and swollen. Surprise This hasn't happened since the day I got it pierced! I immediately brushed my teeth, cleaned it and put the longer stud in. Fingers crossed!

I have bunches to share but first the best greatest news EVER! Thursday, I went to the referral massage therapy session. Fun Fact: He turned out to be a holistic doctor, who also does acupuncture. Honestly, he was one of the most informative and knowledgeable doctors I’ve been to in years! Anyways – on to the good stuff. After he found the pull and assessed the “level” I was finally given an educated answer. His recommendation was heat, heat, heat to loosen the muscle when it contracts. Once I can walk throughout the day with no pain (which happened Saturday) I can try to walk a mile, then 2 miles, then 1 mile “light jog”…. to build up to a short run.

Things he emphasized most:

  • STOP any activity if I feel ANY pain
  • Heat & Stretch OFTEN (before and after activity especially)
  • Soak in WARM HOT WATER when possible (I’m addicted the HOT HOT HOT bath water, dish water, shower water – The man always tells me I’m burning my skin off.) Blushing

Yippee for doctors who were attentive in school!

Saturday night the boys were out so I called my mom to go to get something to eat. We ended up at Panera Bread – I had a gift card from the Race for the Cure to use.

IMG_1813 Black Bean Soup & Simple Turkey Country Sandwich with small sweet apple.

There were a few shops in the plaza where I scored my favorite things.



Later that night I enjoyed a few yogurt covered pretzels with…wine (yea, again – hey its staycationParty)


Day 2 of Staycation:

I’ve had sometime to sulk on my choices and opinions toward my lifestyle and my approach to money, food, exercise, chores, school, relationships… My mind has been overly active as always but for once I’m going slow enough that I can stop to listen to what I’m asking myself. The point? I began my Sunday at a new Weigh Watcher meeting. I did this not because I need their program but because I promised myself that I was going to become a life time member NO MATTER WHAT. And yes, I can say I don’t need their program at this point I want it. You want to know how I know? I have not been to a meeting in 3 weeks and I lost 6.2lbs since July 6th! I’ve taken a different mental approach to my eats and I’m enjoy it tremendously. I have about 10-ish pounds left to lose. (I say -ish because I don’t want to commit to a number) This new leader is super fun and had some great ideas, ill try to share’em sometime this week.

IMG_1819 Just a little “Pecan Pie Larabar” after weigh-in. Not my fav, reminded me of horse feed. Tongue


Pollo Tropical Caribbean Soup for lunch that I grabbed for free while running errands. I had to return my Polar Heart Rate Monitor because it didn’t have GPS and they didn't have either of the ones I wanted, so I'm looking for a bargain on eBay.

Last night we went to the Sublime, Dirty Heads & Matisyahu concert. It was an outdoor venue and it rained for the first hour so I didn’t bring the camera. We headed home around 12:15AM and we were starving since we didn’t have dinner. I did have this snack on the way though. IMG_1821Ugh, the only thing open that late Taco Bell. I didn’t go over board with calories but its been a while since I’ve had fast food like that and I clearly have a food hang over today. Best Cure? I went with a green monster and a bagel thin.

I hope your Monday is moving along nicely.

Do you find that when you eat well and balanced then, eat something overly processed and fat injected you get a tummy ache?

Its funny – Taco Bell has never tasted worse than it did last night. Have your standards towards ingredients risen since being more nutrition/health conscious?

I’m in a baking kind of mood… UhhhOhhh

Got my nails painted BLACK!

Welcome to Staycation!


This is what I came home to last night, in addition to my love shining the kitchen, my brother scrumbing the bathroom and candles littered ALL OVER the house. It was very thoughtful and unexpected. They spoiled me. Inside of my welcome basket was a zebra print snuggie, score! Our house is often kept at arctic temperatures so long to living the majority of life with goose bumps and long johns in July.IMG_1800

The boys had a late lunch but I was famished so snack time it was. What better way to start a vacation than a glass of red crisp wine?IMG_1802 Sarcastic IMG_1801

Did I mention I was hungry? I kind of ate these too..

IMG_1804 Yesterdays eats at work were on the hearty side.

Breakfast was divine! Toasted Coconut Pumpkin OatsIMG_1783Red heart On to the high light! –> Lunch My first attempt at cooking with lentils. It was a simple vegetable lentil tomato based stoup, not sure if it was stew or soup. But the cool avocado on top of the warm lentils was incredibly filling and yummy!IMG_1796 Its been a while since I've had an Florida avocado because Hass have been on sale week after week. I forgot how much lighter and less creamy they are! It was refreshing. Gotta get them more often! Confession - I day dream of having avocado trees filling my back yard.

The boys did a remarkable job cleaning but obviously the floor cleaning is in my future not theirs. IMG_1805

:NERD ALERT: Looky what the dollar store surprised me with!IMG_1806

I’m totally VIP of the “I brush my teeth in the shower” club. Are you?

Its been a productive day so far

  • Went to Bank
  • Picked up prescription
  • Snagged a few veggies at Publix & returned the expired yogurt dressing that they sold me for $6!

I believe my future will include the following:

  • Laundry folding while watching She’s Out of my League (In progress Winking but blogging takes priority, right?)
  • Yoga Video off of Netflix Instant Que
  • Set-up new Heart Rate Monitor
  • Long walk with this guys when he wakes up IMG_1808
  • Pluck the eyebrows
  • Work on new blog template

Since the boys will be at a “jam session” (AKA Boys Night) I’m thinking I will have plenty of time to fulfill my wish list.

Don’t mind me while I relax even more – my main objective over the next 5 days is to simply s-l-o-w-d-o-w-n.

Do you ever do “staycation” vacations? What types of vacations do you favor? I’m a tropical kind of girl and would love to go on a cruise ship.

I’ll be back later, I went to a holistic doctor who does massage therapy for my injury and he gave me some exciting news!

Battle Wounds

I’ve dried my eyes now I’ve got to do that thing that adults

are “supposed” to do… called being “mature” and finish off this bottle of


So, you’member how I told you that I pulled my groin muscleand I had to take some time off from lower body activity? Then, I played doctor and told you I was all better and went to body pump? Bad news… my injury showed its ugly face last night. Not because I was pumping iron that is, it was indeed the 4 mile morning run yesterday morning that deserves the credit! I really thought I was better. It had been days since the pain subsided. I know I felt pain the entire run, but I thought it was just tight from taking time off. According to my doctor I severely pulled a groin muscle and now it is even more irritated and inflamed

then before. Gotta get an ultra sound later this week followed by some massage therapy sessions. The entire 34 minute drive back to the office I had tear streams running down my face as I sobbed to Orlando. The weird thing is if someone has asked me specifically why I was crying I couldn’t have answered them. There were so many emotions I was fighting surrounding the few facts that the doctor provided.

The most devastating comment, I have to take 2-4 weeks off from all lower body exercise and 5-7 day of no activity AT ALL (of course depending on the discomfort level :sooner VS longer:)!

Through said mental break down things about myself and my current situation were exposed and I need to accept them in order to excel to the next level of readiness.

Primary Offenders =

- Life changes without notice at times and all you can do is your best

- There really is a lot of disappointment surrounding an “all or nothing


- I don’t have experience with losing weight without hours of cardio involved

- Our fitness levels are allowed to increase and decrease without being a

considered a failure

- Life doesn’t restart, rewind or fast forward. Each day we live possesses equal

opportunity and value.

- I’m afraid of repeating my history

- Fitness is not a chore, it is a luxury and it has become a huge part of my forever life

I’ve acknowledging them but can't be sure that I feel settled just yet.

One of the big announcements I wanted to share was I decided

to register for my first ½ MARATHON – October 16th or 17th! Yesterday, literally was DAY ONE of my training plan. My first “slow & long run” and I had two more runs scheduled Wednesday and Friday. I put so much effort into personalizing my 12-week training plan. Possible options are: see how long the recovery takes and maybe alter my training to a 8 or 10 week plan.

Alternative, register for a later race. The only issue with option b is if I go back to school I won't be able to invest as many hours into running. Either way, time will tell.

Off we go on another rant...

For so long the equation for my weight loss was undisturbed.

Force myself to do as much activity as possible +

Eat my “WW allowed points” (very anal exact measurements) =

Weight Loss Success

Numbers don't lie, I lost 68 pounds in 12 months with that formula. Sounds

effective, ehh? The missing value is the past 6 months.

Brain Teaser: What do you do when you are in such a mental hurricane that you drown yourself in calories?

My Experience: The best thing that I’ve done is decrease my drive for control. I have seen a huge improvement in my hunger signals since I’ve been focusing on what my body is telling me verses the numbers, the amounts or clock. This approach is like playing with fire – there is a great opportunity to get burnt but an equal chance of igniting a spark. My advantage is I know the types of foods that energize and nourish my body so those are the primary eats I've been taking in with limited sweet of course and plenty of water.

Brain Tester: What do you do when you are not physcially able to run, bike, step?
Mentally and Physically?

My Experience: None - Maybe you can help me? Any suggestions? Lost in translation... Google?

Mommy dropped off an ironic yet sweet get well gift. Do you see what I see? A Polar HRM and super absorbent athletic socks. I'm so spoiled... At-least I admit it.... HRM USE = something to look forward to!

We have Chicken Francisses in the slow cooker and about to go prepare some cilantro infused rice with baked yucca fries. nom. nom. nom.


Post Run Fuel was fresh ground peanut butter toast with a yummy gala apple.

F.R.E.E to a good home - I loaded it up and secretly placed it against a wall before the man of the house could wake up and tell me not to garbage pick. Did you know I've always wanted one of these but suppressed it? :)

Then, I was off to run errands. Scored huge at Dollar General and Goodwill. Forgot to get a picture of all my loot but it included an 1981 Weight Watcher 365-Food Book. Should be entertaining to see how the program has evolved. While I was out my tummy was growling so Planet Smoothie it was. I got some type of strawberry-banana lemonade slush, it was divine. Cured my summer time lemonade craving fo'sho.

While the boys unloaded the grocery bags I enjoyed this for lunch. The bread was so incredibly fresh and soft. I HEART THE BAKERY!

Their payment for unloading the groceries was Taco Bell, bleek! We ended up with a random order of cinn-twists. I proceeded to get our monies worth by consuming 1/2 the bag.

I'm not sure if it was PMS or me wishing it was FALL but I was in a naughty baking mood this year weekend. Since my brother is back at the house these shenanigans were clearly encourage. I wanted a share a few of the indulgence SUGAR HIGH- Get ready to wipe the drool.

Homemade Peanut-butter Cups

Homemade Oreos

And thats all she wrote. Rise and Shine comes early. Packed tomorrows eats. check!

What are some trademark foods that you've made from scratch? I think the homemade usually taste better but in a different way. T MINUS 4 work days until STAY-CATION! Woohoo!

It hurts even when I type….

Yesterday was the first time my body did more than walk up and down our stairs in over a week! My lame groin injury has kept me down….
Resting is something I struggle with. It’s difficult for me to determine when I NEED REST or if I just “want” the rest. When I take rest days because I want them there is always guilt involved.
This was the first experience I’ve had where sucking it up and pushing through was not an option. Every single step I took caused me pain, bad pain! The ENTIRE 60 minute spin class I took before accepting my injury felt like someone was trying to rip my leg off of my body. Not fun….
The eye opener was real how much happier I am when I’m active and how much more my body likes me. SHOCKER: when my mood is down and body is down my eats seem to head in the same direction. So that brings us to last night. I felt like my body was ready for a little activity that wouldn’t strain my groin muscles too much. Once I committed mentally to testing the sweaty waters I got a little excited about the gym. Does speeding home, running upstairs to change and then reading in the gym parking lot for 30 minutes to make sure I don’t miss the class qualify as slightly eager? Didn’t think so…
Then, my enthusiasm was cut off 10 minutes into the class. I felt weak. I felt angry. I felt terrible. It was like I had taken a fall that would require months to recover from, so dramatic I know but at that time my mind was in a dark place. I was comparing every movement I made to the other people in the class. Honestly – Every other thought went something like this - “I used to be able to do this better”, “you are wasting time because you are barely sweating” ,“why am I doing to terrible”, “you are not pushing hard enough” .
Lets be honest 7-10 days of little to no activity defiantly decreases your endurance and strength but not enough to cry about. I know from experience that after a week of getting back into the swing I will be just as strong and dangerous but last night the only positive I could identify was that my pulled muscle was not hurting.
I was proven wrong. I was trying and my body knew it but my mind just expected more. I literally had to ROLL out of bed this morning because I’m so sore. My entire body is sore. Summary = my mind didn’t feel pumped from last night but my body was! Lets just call this a learning curve so next time I need to focus on myself, no one else.
Did you know that these make me happy?

And this was my “I woke 15 minutes before having to leave the house” breakfast.

Have you had to deal with an injury? How did you handle it?
Thank God! I was only out of commission for a little while. The idea of being hurt for months brings tears to my eyes but then this guys reminds me how special each day is!

I am looking forward to getting some fun stuff done this weekend. Hopefully soon I will have two big announcements. Hint: The first one has to do with tonight and the other will follow – perhaps in a few weeks? I can use all the positive energy that you can send my way.

His and Hers

Remind me again why I am watching some show called "Bridezilla"? Not sure I can take another minute of this ear poison.

I spent wasted way too many hours watching TV this weekend. But wait I have a doctors note...a minor injury last week. Can you believe I pulled my groin muscle?!? Today is the first day that the pain has started to subside. Depending on how work goes tomorrow I'm thinking about skipping the usual spin class and just go to a yoga class, to ease back into things- ya know?OMG! This"Bridezilla" just said "it would totally be ok if Sarah didn't eat until to wedding".... Wow... Just a different level.

I'm getting better at remembering to taking pictures. TaDa!

The puppy in the window that was onsale. L.O.V.E

Went to my first job site, note the gifted pink cowboy hardhat.

Attempted to cook"Chinese Food", Result: Needs Improvement-
Next Time = Thicker "Rice" Lo-Mein Type Noodles and Less "Sweet" Flavor more Smokey.
I did enjoy the way the cole slaw mixture cooked down with the noodles!
Yum, Edaname.

Quick Work Lunch= Toasted Bread Thin + Canned Tuna + Laughing Cow Cheese + Carrots


On the way Long List of Bores I have been putting off waiting to do:

  • Order Check Refill
  • Order Bailey's Flea/Heartworm Meds
  • BalanceCheckbook/Budget
  • Refill Spice Rack
  • Wipe outFrig & Freeze
  • Refill the propane was also on the list of accomplishments

My Reward: Tender Grilled Filet Mignon+ GrilledVeggies + Baked Scallion Potato

Breakfast: Blueberry Creme-cheese Cool-whip + Open Face Omelet


Leftover Chicken Chili turned "Dip" + Tostitos Dippers

Snacker Major:

Highlight of the weekend the "toystore" WHOLE FOODS

His Purchases:Sandwich Rolls + Juice Overload + Dirty Chips + Thick BACON

Hers Purchases:NUTBUTTERS(Almond, Fresh Raw Ground Peanuts & Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter - Addicted much?), crackers, carrots, sparkling water, wraps, bananas, beans, tuna, to die for cinnamon popcorn, sushi, greek yogurt, sundried tomato hummus, canned pumpkin and mix, Artichoke and Fresh Fruit Salad)

Pop corn didnt even make it home before I sampled it. I was STARVING (for sweets :hehe:)

Our Purchases:Grouper, Coconut Flakes, Wine, Avacados, Insents, Grn Peppers, Garlic, Cheeses, Pizza sauce, Salsa, Apples, Sweet Potato, Wheat Panko, Wheat Flour, and Corn

These carrots make mehappier than finding $5.00 on the floor.

They look likethe carrots from thebooks in my childhood. Can. not. wait. to. eat!

Mystery Vegetable of the Week: Artichoke **More to come when I discover how to cook this thingy**

Ahhh, Food-net Work Challenge. Thats better! At Food'R'Us (AKA: Whole Foods) I scored us some Ricotta Salata cheese and an Aged Asiago that went on our whole wheat flat pizzas last night. He voted thumbs down on the wheat dough, prefs 'em white when it comes to any grains. (#workinprogress)

Menu Flavors: Three CheesePepperoni and Sausage, Onion& Pepper Pizza: Mr. Man plated the pizzas buffet style in the candle light before I could get a picture but they were a beauty!

Downing #4 of these as I type..... I'm getting too good at baking sugary, fatty, soft treats. MUST STOP PRACTICING! Mr. Man's drug of choice is soft cookies with icing pouring off of them.I should sneak a picture of the how much he smothers his sweets in icing. Thinking he loves icing as much as much as I adore nut butter?

The Man and I had a wonderful afternoon. We pulled a his and hers at the movie theater too. His treats! First we saw this:

and enjoyed

In between we had 20 minutes so we walked next door to Whole Food to get a bottle of water for $0.99 instead of the $4.75 at the theater.I also picked up these minus the Twizzlers that were leftover from the first movie concession. Followed by:

I Think I might love Edward and Jacob equal now. Still deciding - Ask me tomarrow, k?

Tis the night before work and I'm home all alone. Guessing I should take advantage and lay it down. Heres to starting Monday day on the BEST.FOOT.EVER. With 6 hours of sleep? Ekkk....

Why does iphone take so long to sync? 43 minutes already...

Do you ever see more than one more at a time? Ever see the same more more than once in the theater?