99 Problems but Dream in’ Ain’t One

121 things in 1001 days

The Mission : Complete 121 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. Why? Because. I NEVER finish anything, except my plate. I want to live life not just functionDay dreaming

The Criteria : Tasks must be specific (i.e. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (i.e. represent some amount of work on my part). Eye-rolling

Why 1001 Days? They say the key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days ( 2.75 yearsish) is a more reasonable period of time than a year. It allows for several seasons to complete the tasks, which helps with organizing and timing. Promoting success?

START DATE: Sunday - August 1, 2010

END DATE: Sunday – April 28th, 2013


KEY: Italic = In Progress / Bold= Completed

Health and Fitness

1Survive thirty days without diet soda

2Cook dinner at home for thirty days without repeats

3Fit into my size 4/6 clothes

4Obtain a fitness instructor certification

5Go to bed by 10:00PM for a week

6Become a lifetime Weight Watcher member

7Complete the Julian Michaels 30 Shred Circuit Workout Video

8Run a ½ Marathon

9Ride my bike to the gym

10Run a Marathon

11Be able to do the crane pose

12Take tennis or golf lessons

13Hold plank position for more than 1 1/2 minutes

14Become a triathlet

15Take a Bikram yoga class

16Ride my bike to my mom’s house


17Camp in the yard with my brothers

18Go “garage sailing” with my mom

19Spend the day with my mom for no reason

20Take my Aunt Deb on a date

21Go to the drive-in theater with my brothers

22Beat a video game


23Have sex in a public place

24Dress up like “Star Wars” characters

25Get a bikini wax

26Wake up in the middle of the night and have sex

27Go out to dinner and only order drinks & dessert

28Have sex for (7) consecutive days

29Kiss in the rain

30Get an outdoor couples massage

31Watch porn alone


32Learn the basics of better photography

33Rent a limo

34Get a tattoo

35Read 12 books: no cheating

36Win some money

37Burn something that pisses me off

38Play in a public fountain

39Save $1,000 of my OWN $money$

40Take an ice bath

41Stay within my grocery budget for three months

42Color my hair DARK brown or BLACK

43Eat at an upscale restaurant (dressing-up required)

44Photo copy my butt

45Start a higher education program

46Get a passport

47Love myself naked

48Learn how to make authentic Pastels

49Perfect a Flan de Queso recipe

50Swim with Dolphins

51Delete my facebook & myspace account

52Learn to play an entire song on the keyboard


53Go on a cruise

54Attend a blogger convention

55Visit Amsterdam

56Attend !Fantasy Fest!

57Eat dinner in Miami at an authentic latin dive

58Go on a road trip with no itinerary


59Go horseback riding on the beach

60Spend $100 at a strip club

61Watch a musical or play

62Eat a fish taco

63Make something out of clay

64Do a body shot

65Go to the shooting range

66Plant a tree

67See Jason Mraz live

68Milk a cow

69Ride a mechanical bull

70Send a message in a bottle

71Take a cooking class

72Have professional pictures taken with Bailey

73Go on a night fishing charter boat

74Test drive a car I cant afford

75Attend a “wine tasting”

76Fall asleep under the stars

77Attend an NFL game

78Donate Blood

79Go water rafting

80Attend a fashion show

81Spend an entire week “unplugged”

82See Jack Johnson in concert

83Go an entire month without using disposable products (i.e. paper plates&towels, baggies, ect) at home (toilet paper is the ONLY exception)


84Learn to salsa dance

85Perform twelve random acts of kindness

86Tie-Dye something

87Learn how to paddleboard

88Host a bake sale

89Create a yoga/mediation room

90Make homemade pasta

91Repair a vintage clock

92Write a song

93Sew an outfit

94Paint my nails and toes like a rainbow

95Make my own wine


96Buy Rain boots

97Own something Chanel

98Open an IRA

99Buy a telescope

100Start a college fund for each of my brothers


101Grow an herb garden

102Volunteer for a day

103Obtain a concealed weapons permit

104Constistancy= Establish a AM routine

105Give my lunch to a homeless person

106Constistancy= Establish a PM routine

107Jump in a pool/ocean fully clothed

108Adopt a sibling for Bailey

109Learn to speak Spanish

110Contact a congress person to support a cause

111Raise over $250 for a charity

112Learn to accept “good enough”

113Discover a way to enjoy drinking coffee

114Send my mom flowers

115Make homemade sausage biscuits and gravy

116Become a happy early riser

117Spend an entire weekend doing ONLY thing that I WANT to do

118Try a vegan/vegetarian restaurant

119Play connect the dots with my freckles

120REALLY – Go camping


121Make a new list when this one is complete


Stay Tuned –

Projects starts tomorrow!


Heidi said...

I just came across your blog from operation beautiful posting. This is a fantastic idea! You've inspired me to think about my own list.

Wishing you the best of luck on this.

I've always wanted to play in a fountin too!

Florida Food Snob said...

You should! It's super fun thinking of so many things and now when ever I am board I have a long list of ideas. ;-)

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