Battle Wounds

I’ve dried my eyes now I’ve got to do that thing that adults

are “supposed” to do… called being “mature” and finish off this bottle of


So, you’member how I told you that I pulled my groin muscleand I had to take some time off from lower body activity? Then, I played doctor and told you I was all better and went to body pump? Bad news… my injury showed its ugly face last night. Not because I was pumping iron that is, it was indeed the 4 mile morning run yesterday morning that deserves the credit! I really thought I was better. It had been days since the pain subsided. I know I felt pain the entire run, but I thought it was just tight from taking time off. According to my doctor I severely pulled a groin muscle and now it is even more irritated and inflamed

then before. Gotta get an ultra sound later this week followed by some massage therapy sessions. The entire 34 minute drive back to the office I had tear streams running down my face as I sobbed to Orlando. The weird thing is if someone has asked me specifically why I was crying I couldn’t have answered them. There were so many emotions I was fighting surrounding the few facts that the doctor provided.

The most devastating comment, I have to take 2-4 weeks off from all lower body exercise and 5-7 day of no activity AT ALL (of course depending on the discomfort level :sooner VS longer:)!

Through said mental break down things about myself and my current situation were exposed and I need to accept them in order to excel to the next level of readiness.

Primary Offenders =

- Life changes without notice at times and all you can do is your best

- There really is a lot of disappointment surrounding an “all or nothing


- I don’t have experience with losing weight without hours of cardio involved

- Our fitness levels are allowed to increase and decrease without being a

considered a failure

- Life doesn’t restart, rewind or fast forward. Each day we live possesses equal

opportunity and value.

- I’m afraid of repeating my history

- Fitness is not a chore, it is a luxury and it has become a huge part of my forever life

I’ve acknowledging them but can't be sure that I feel settled just yet.

One of the big announcements I wanted to share was I decided

to register for my first ½ MARATHON – October 16th or 17th! Yesterday, literally was DAY ONE of my training plan. My first “slow & long run” and I had two more runs scheduled Wednesday and Friday. I put so much effort into personalizing my 12-week training plan. Possible options are: see how long the recovery takes and maybe alter my training to a 8 or 10 week plan.

Alternative, register for a later race. The only issue with option b is if I go back to school I won't be able to invest as many hours into running. Either way, time will tell.

Off we go on another rant...

For so long the equation for my weight loss was undisturbed.

Force myself to do as much activity as possible +

Eat my “WW allowed points” (very anal exact measurements) =

Weight Loss Success

Numbers don't lie, I lost 68 pounds in 12 months with that formula. Sounds

effective, ehh? The missing value is the past 6 months.

Brain Teaser: What do you do when you are in such a mental hurricane that you drown yourself in calories?

My Experience: The best thing that I’ve done is decrease my drive for control. I have seen a huge improvement in my hunger signals since I’ve been focusing on what my body is telling me verses the numbers, the amounts or clock. This approach is like playing with fire – there is a great opportunity to get burnt but an equal chance of igniting a spark. My advantage is I know the types of foods that energize and nourish my body so those are the primary eats I've been taking in with limited sweet of course and plenty of water.

Brain Tester: What do you do when you are not physcially able to run, bike, step?
Mentally and Physically?

My Experience: None - Maybe you can help me? Any suggestions? Lost in translation... Google?

Mommy dropped off an ironic yet sweet get well gift. Do you see what I see? A Polar HRM and super absorbent athletic socks. I'm so spoiled... At-least I admit it.... HRM USE = something to look forward to!

We have Chicken Francisses in the slow cooker and about to go prepare some cilantro infused rice with baked yucca fries. nom. nom. nom.


Post Run Fuel was fresh ground peanut butter toast with a yummy gala apple.

F.R.E.E to a good home - I loaded it up and secretly placed it against a wall before the man of the house could wake up and tell me not to garbage pick. Did you know I've always wanted one of these but suppressed it? :)

Then, I was off to run errands. Scored huge at Dollar General and Goodwill. Forgot to get a picture of all my loot but it included an 1981 Weight Watcher 365-Food Book. Should be entertaining to see how the program has evolved. While I was out my tummy was growling so Planet Smoothie it was. I got some type of strawberry-banana lemonade slush, it was divine. Cured my summer time lemonade craving fo'sho.

While the boys unloaded the grocery bags I enjoyed this for lunch. The bread was so incredibly fresh and soft. I HEART THE BAKERY!

Their payment for unloading the groceries was Taco Bell, bleek! We ended up with a random order of cinn-twists. I proceeded to get our monies worth by consuming 1/2 the bag.

I'm not sure if it was PMS or me wishing it was FALL but I was in a naughty baking mood this year weekend. Since my brother is back at the house these shenanigans were clearly encourage. I wanted a share a few of the indulgence SUGAR HIGH- Get ready to wipe the drool.

Homemade Peanut-butter Cups

Homemade Oreos

And thats all she wrote. Rise and Shine comes early. Packed tomorrows eats. check!

What are some trademark foods that you've made from scratch? I think the homemade usually taste better but in a different way. T MINUS 4 work days until STAY-CATION! Woohoo!


screaming fatgirl said...

"There really is a lot of disappointment surrounding an “all or nothing mentality/lifestyle.”

This is such an important point, and one which many people (including myself) do not learn until life forces them to do so through experience.

"What do you do when you are not physcially able to run, bike, step? Mentally and Physically?"

This was the issue that screwed me up for a long, long time. What I realized this time is that it isn't about exercise. It's about food. You can burn your calories off and adjust your eating to a healthier slant, but if you don't learn to control your intake and heal your damaged relationship (emotionally) with food, one day, circumstances will cause you to have problems.

I've always felt that I couldn't lose weight because I can't do much exercise, but the truth was that I wasn't dealing with the core problem - my relationship with food. And it wasn't that I wasn't dealing with it because I didn't want to try. It was because I didn't know how and felt it was something I'd never be able to fix. It turns out that I was wrong. It could be fixed, but maybe not until I was mature enough or in the right environment, or the stars aligned or whatever. It's a hard thing, and not everyone can do it, nor should they be expected to or viewed as failures if they don't.

Maybe your injury is a call to arms on adjusting your relationship with food? By forcing you to deal in a manner that doesn't relate to exercise, you have an opportunity to push yourself in a different direction. That is the "optimistic" way of looking at it, but the more perhaps realistic way is that what has happened to you is really quite a hard and painful thing. I hope your injury heals well and soon and wish you the best.

Florida Food Snob said...

Thank you for taking time to send me a virtual optimistic hug! :-) Much appreciated and your input couldn’t be more correct! This seems to be the workings of a blessing in disguise, ultimately the outcome is in my hands.

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