Got my nails painted BLACK!

Welcome to Staycation!


This is what I came home to last night, in addition to my love shining the kitchen, my brother scrumbing the bathroom and candles littered ALL OVER the house. It was very thoughtful and unexpected. They spoiled me. Inside of my welcome basket was a zebra print snuggie, score! Our house is often kept at arctic temperatures so long to living the majority of life with goose bumps and long johns in July.IMG_1800

The boys had a late lunch but I was famished so snack time it was. What better way to start a vacation than a glass of red crisp wine?IMG_1802 Sarcastic IMG_1801

Did I mention I was hungry? I kind of ate these too..

IMG_1804 Yesterdays eats at work were on the hearty side.

Breakfast was divine! Toasted Coconut Pumpkin OatsIMG_1783Red heart On to the high light! –> Lunch My first attempt at cooking with lentils. It was a simple vegetable lentil tomato based stoup, not sure if it was stew or soup. But the cool avocado on top of the warm lentils was incredibly filling and yummy!IMG_1796 Its been a while since I've had an Florida avocado because Hass have been on sale week after week. I forgot how much lighter and less creamy they are! It was refreshing. Gotta get them more often! Confession - I day dream of having avocado trees filling my back yard.

The boys did a remarkable job cleaning but obviously the floor cleaning is in my future not theirs. IMG_1805

:NERD ALERT: Looky what the dollar store surprised me with!IMG_1806

I’m totally VIP of the “I brush my teeth in the shower” club. Are you?

Its been a productive day so far

  • Went to Bank
  • Picked up prescription
  • Snagged a few veggies at Publix & returned the expired yogurt dressing that they sold me for $6!

I believe my future will include the following:

  • Laundry folding while watching She’s Out of my League (In progress Winking but blogging takes priority, right?)
  • Yoga Video off of Netflix Instant Que
  • Set-up new Heart Rate Monitor
  • Long walk with this guys when he wakes up IMG_1808
  • Pluck the eyebrows
  • Work on new blog template

Since the boys will be at a “jam session” (AKA Boys Night) I’m thinking I will have plenty of time to fulfill my wish list.

Don’t mind me while I relax even more – my main objective over the next 5 days is to simply s-l-o-w-d-o-w-n.

Do you ever do “staycation” vacations? What types of vacations do you favor? I’m a tropical kind of girl and would love to go on a cruise ship.

I’ll be back later, I went to a holistic doctor who does massage therapy for my injury and he gave me some exciting news!


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