His and Hers

Remind me again why I am watching some show called "Bridezilla"? Not sure I can take another minute of this ear poison.

I spent wasted way too many hours watching TV this weekend. But wait I have a doctors note...a minor injury last week. Can you believe I pulled my groin muscle?!? Today is the first day that the pain has started to subside. Depending on how work goes tomorrow I'm thinking about skipping the usual spin class and just go to a yoga class, to ease back into things- ya know?OMG! This"Bridezilla" just said "it would totally be ok if Sarah didn't eat until to wedding".... Wow... Just a different level.

I'm getting better at remembering to taking pictures. TaDa!

The puppy in the window that was onsale. L.O.V.E

Went to my first job site, note the gifted pink cowboy hardhat.

Attempted to cook"Chinese Food", Result: Needs Improvement-
Next Time = Thicker "Rice" Lo-Mein Type Noodles and Less "Sweet" Flavor more Smokey.
I did enjoy the way the cole slaw mixture cooked down with the noodles!
Yum, Edaname.

Quick Work Lunch= Toasted Bread Thin + Canned Tuna + Laughing Cow Cheese + Carrots


On the way Long List of Bores I have been putting off waiting to do:

  • Order Check Refill
  • Order Bailey's Flea/Heartworm Meds
  • BalanceCheckbook/Budget
  • Refill Spice Rack
  • Wipe outFrig & Freeze
  • Refill the propane was also on the list of accomplishments

My Reward: Tender Grilled Filet Mignon+ GrilledVeggies + Baked Scallion Potato

Breakfast: Blueberry Creme-cheese Cool-whip + Open Face Omelet


Leftover Chicken Chili turned "Dip" + Tostitos Dippers

Snacker Major:

Highlight of the weekend the "toystore" WHOLE FOODS

His Purchases:Sandwich Rolls + Juice Overload + Dirty Chips + Thick BACON

Hers Purchases:NUTBUTTERS(Almond, Fresh Raw Ground Peanuts & Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter - Addicted much?), crackers, carrots, sparkling water, wraps, bananas, beans, tuna, to die for cinnamon popcorn, sushi, greek yogurt, sundried tomato hummus, canned pumpkin and mix, Artichoke and Fresh Fruit Salad)

Pop corn didnt even make it home before I sampled it. I was STARVING (for sweets :hehe:)

Our Purchases:Grouper, Coconut Flakes, Wine, Avacados, Insents, Grn Peppers, Garlic, Cheeses, Pizza sauce, Salsa, Apples, Sweet Potato, Wheat Panko, Wheat Flour, and Corn

These carrots make mehappier than finding $5.00 on the floor.

They look likethe carrots from thebooks in my childhood. Can. not. wait. to. eat!

Mystery Vegetable of the Week: Artichoke **More to come when I discover how to cook this thingy**

Ahhh, Food-net Work Challenge. Thats better! At Food'R'Us (AKA: Whole Foods) I scored us some Ricotta Salata cheese and an Aged Asiago that went on our whole wheat flat pizzas last night. He voted thumbs down on the wheat dough, prefs 'em white when it comes to any grains. (#workinprogress)

Menu Flavors: Three CheesePepperoni and Sausage, Onion& Pepper Pizza: Mr. Man plated the pizzas buffet style in the candle light before I could get a picture but they were a beauty!

Downing #4 of these as I type..... I'm getting too good at baking sugary, fatty, soft treats. MUST STOP PRACTICING! Mr. Man's drug of choice is soft cookies with icing pouring off of them.I should sneak a picture of the how much he smothers his sweets in icing. Thinking he loves icing as much as much as I adore nut butter?

The Man and I had a wonderful afternoon. We pulled a his and hers at the movie theater too. His treats! First we saw this:

and enjoyed

In between we had 20 minutes so we walked next door to Whole Food to get a bottle of water for $0.99 instead of the $4.75 at the theater.I also picked up these minus the Twizzlers that were leftover from the first movie concession. Followed by:

I Think I might love Edward and Jacob equal now. Still deciding - Ask me tomarrow, k?

Tis the night before work and I'm home all alone. Guessing I should take advantage and lay it down. Heres to starting Monday day on the BEST.FOOT.EVER. With 6 hours of sleep? Ekkk....

Why does iphone take so long to sync? 43 minutes already...

Do you ever see more than one more at a time? Ever see the same more more than once in the theater?


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