It hurts even when I type….

Yesterday was the first time my body did more than walk up and down our stairs in over a week! My lame groin injury has kept me down….
Resting is something I struggle with. It’s difficult for me to determine when I NEED REST or if I just “want” the rest. When I take rest days because I want them there is always guilt involved.
This was the first experience I’ve had where sucking it up and pushing through was not an option. Every single step I took caused me pain, bad pain! The ENTIRE 60 minute spin class I took before accepting my injury felt like someone was trying to rip my leg off of my body. Not fun….
The eye opener was real how much happier I am when I’m active and how much more my body likes me. SHOCKER: when my mood is down and body is down my eats seem to head in the same direction. So that brings us to last night. I felt like my body was ready for a little activity that wouldn’t strain my groin muscles too much. Once I committed mentally to testing the sweaty waters I got a little excited about the gym. Does speeding home, running upstairs to change and then reading in the gym parking lot for 30 minutes to make sure I don’t miss the class qualify as slightly eager? Didn’t think so…
Then, my enthusiasm was cut off 10 minutes into the class. I felt weak. I felt angry. I felt terrible. It was like I had taken a fall that would require months to recover from, so dramatic I know but at that time my mind was in a dark place. I was comparing every movement I made to the other people in the class. Honestly – Every other thought went something like this - “I used to be able to do this better”, “you are wasting time because you are barely sweating” ,“why am I doing to terrible”, “you are not pushing hard enough” .
Lets be honest 7-10 days of little to no activity defiantly decreases your endurance and strength but not enough to cry about. I know from experience that after a week of getting back into the swing I will be just as strong and dangerous but last night the only positive I could identify was that my pulled muscle was not hurting.
I was proven wrong. I was trying and my body knew it but my mind just expected more. I literally had to ROLL out of bed this morning because I’m so sore. My entire body is sore. Summary = my mind didn’t feel pumped from last night but my body was! Lets just call this a learning curve so next time I need to focus on myself, no one else.
Did you know that these make me happy?

And this was my “I woke 15 minutes before having to leave the house” breakfast.

Have you had to deal with an injury? How did you handle it?
Thank God! I was only out of commission for a little while. The idea of being hurt for months brings tears to my eyes but then this guys reminds me how special each day is!

I am looking forward to getting some fun stuff done this weekend. Hopefully soon I will have two big announcements. Hint: The first one has to do with tonight and the other will follow – perhaps in a few weeks? I can use all the positive energy that you can send my way.


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