Palms full of glitter

Last Night's Cost

3HRS researching blog editors, installing, adjusting & composing this

30Mins Uploading & battling the pictures

1.5HRS Of ME & Orlando trying to publish post on new program

= Expensive FAILURE and I went to bed pissed off at technology

Since I have accepted the fact that I cannot live without the new iphone 4 and sometimes its better to sleep on things - I can start this Weekend-Eve and re-edit the post....

Yesterday was day one of - working towards becoming the best version of myself that I can be. Not gonna lie anymore , it wasn't as easy as I predicted. By 4:45PM I was trying to talk myself out of the spin class that I PRE-REGISTERED for, even paid the $1 reservation fee! Luckily - my car drove me to the gym safely. Verdict: survived the 50 minutes of aerobic therapy. I will tell you what! When, I got into the locker room and realized that I packed (on Sunday) LOOSE fitting gym clothes spin class didn't sound as painful.^ Proof I went :-) Love me some t-shirts and comfy pants

Since I already suffered through the class I gave myself a free pass on the 20 minutes of weights I was planning to do. Baby steps... Baby steps.. Something is better than nothing... and that is exactly what I would have done so I deserved the reward!

Holiday Weekend Was Long, Sweet, Hot, Social &

Too Much Food with loads of activity

Friday: kicked off with 40 minutes on the elliptical + 20 minutes of weights/abs

Saturday: Early wake up call for Zumba class. (Saturday my gym is hosting a special 2hour Zumba class that I am totally registered for!)

Post Zumba - Meet my new heartthrob "The Nut Split"
Banana cut in 1/2 + 1TBSP Peanut butter + 1/2C plain yogurt + sprinkles

= Orgasm in my mouth!

I proceeded to make a very very dainty dessert that is beyond your wildest dreams. So many layers of flavor! I present to you the product of this lady's inspiration and recipe :-)

Dessert Fruit Pizza
Sugar Cookie + Creme-cheese Topping + Fruit + Citrus Glaze + Toasted Coconut = BLISS


I followed her recipe exactly except....

We didn't have coconut rum so I used 1TBSP Coconut extract and 1TBSP GOOD Quality Rum (The man of the house does not even know I stole from him stash) and toasted about 1 cup of unsweetened coconut flakes to garnish on top. I brought it to my mothers backyard BBQ and there was a brawl over the last piece. Heehehe
I could seriously go for a shot after the morning I've had....

Major accomplishment on Sunday - woke up early and went for a quiet run, no ipod. Decided to check up on my old 4 mile route since we haven't seen each other since January and... guess what... I ran the entire 4 miles no problem! I've only been running about 2 miles twice a week so I'm thinking spin class twice a week has improved my overall endurance. I was so freaking proud!

I'm exhausted just recapping all of that - on ward to yesterday's eats!

Breakfast made we want to vomit! I can not eat toasted oats + berries + almond breeze for a EVERY LONG TIME. Did I mention that my breakfast was terrible and I'm sick to death of it? Shortly after my internal temper tantrum followed by my full bowl going in the trash I realized that I was happier when I put effort into my packed breakfasts and lunches, imagine that... I see planning in my weekend.

Rediscovered these gems since they were on SALE!

Lunch = Raviolis with marinara florentine (I made two servings a few weeks ago and froze'em)

Dinner was slow cooker Chicken Chili :cheers:
Topped with 1/2C rice and avocado. CHILI - any style and flavor I'm in!

My original closing said "night, night". Totally unapplicable now... Grrrr - I have issues with "letting things go" sometimes... Can you tell?

Do you rediscover any produce when it comes in season?

What about the slowcooker are y'all BFFs or strangers?

I know I'm looking forward to the weekend! I've been so axious this week....


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