#42: eating my spending money

Okay – let me back up a little and explain my previous post a bit more. I am the type of person who often has issues with prioritizing but at the same time is an Olympic gold metal winner in the “writing lists” division. I constantly try to write all my thoughts down so i don't forget them. The issue is I get so consumed by just trying to make it through each days preset tasks that the good stuff on my lists rarely comes to life.

Example – I usually do all the house cleaning and errands before I do fun, enjoyable things.

But Guess what? I’m an adult now and I am allowed to choose how I spend my time. That is why I wrote a list to live! I'm ready to blossom with a life filled of bliss.

The first task I’ve decided take on you ask? (42) Staying within my grocery budget for three ENTIRE months. Three months, that is 90 days!

The reason I need to subject myself to such pain? Because my grocery spending has gotten outta control. I’ve been spending ALL my extra money on peanut butter, wine and cheese the past few months and I’m suffering from non-perishable shopping withdraws. Fall is right around the corner and my wardrobe needs some major attention… and the small little fact the we waste and we waste big! No bueno!


My pre-planning strategy:

  • Make a weekly dinner menu
  • Base dishes on which proteins are on sale
  • Make a shopping list
  • Only purchase items that are on the list
  • Allow for (3) spontaneous purchases each shop
  • Bust out the old coupon organizer
  • Break down purchases into categories to form a more realistic budget


Dinner Menu Outline – Days might switch around but you get the idea…

SundayAvocado Burgers W/ Baked Swt Potato Fried
MondaySavory Pork Tenderloin W/ Spanish Rice & Plantains
TuesdayLasagna Rolls W/ Salad
WednesdayRoast Chicken W/ Scalloped Potatoes and Green Beans
ThursdayTaco Baked Layer Pizza W/ Corn
FridaySlow cooker Beef Stew

This Weeks:

(Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner – For Three Adults)


*= special item for the boys

Thumbs-up = on sale or buy one get one

Pork Tenderloin


Lasagna Noodles
(1) Peach


(2) Bananas
Beef Roast


Bertoli Sauce


1LB Lean Gnd Beef


Tomato Paste
(2) Pkg Chicken


Roll of Paper Towels*Nestle Quick
(sm) Zip Locks*Dirty Chips
(1) AppleCorn on the Cob


Paper Plates


(2) Pkg Cheese


*ButtermilkRefried Beans
Yogurt (Plain & Greek)


Bread / RollsGarlic
*Lunch MeatGrapes


*Juice/Tea/LemonadeLaughing Cow Cheese
Taco Kits


Bacon or Kielbasa
Canned Tuna


(2) Avocados




Zucchini (sm) Green Bean Pkg


Shopping Mission Complete: Here are my stats

Total Spent: $191.57 - $125 (Necessities/Perimeter)


Spent “middle/frozen section of grocery”


Meats $30

Produce $20

Dairy $15

Bakery $5

Beverages $40

House Supplies $10 + $5 (Vitamins)

Base Price $125

For the next month I’ve got to continue to monitoring our food purchases and see where we can improve. Stay tuned!


I accidently bought 4 spontaneous purchases instead of 3. Oops, but it is a huge improvement from before. Wink


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