Do you count the days?

Ahhhh, just got home from yoga. Feeling loose!
As soon as I walked in the door I grabbed the pup and went on a 40 minute walk. Glad to report there was minimal pain with the increased activity.

Lets be honest – Mondays are NOT most people’s favorite day of the week, me included! Another reason to do YOGA on Monday! When I heard the alarm today the first thought that went running through my mind…. “Do I have any sick time left?” Sadly, the boss is on vacay so skipping work was not an option. That is unless I wanted to skip my way to the unemployed line.

Since I need my income to support my addictions, lets talks about my weekend! That’s where all of the good stuff happens.

I watched seasons one… two… and three of Weeds over the weekend! :embarrassed: It unfortunately sucked me into an “I can’t move – paralyzed – trance” or AKA Lazy Couch Bed Potato Syndrome.Sarcastic Last night, I had great intentions of getting a little activity in with the Kardashian workout video that I rented from Netflix, but that obviously didn’t happened. I was sleeping by 9PM. – Watching that much TV is tiring! Who knew?
BTW: Who is this inactive, home bound, 10hour+ sleeping lady who stole my body? I went from working out 6-8 hours a week to walking to the frig. WTF? Note to self - My leg is injured but I can still move my other limbs. My goal is to start posting my activity on the “shape” page to be more accountable and maybe you can get some ideas to steal? I also plan to use this here bloggie soon to be more accountable with my eats, we shall see. I’m a think-er there days not a do-er but I’ve been going a lot of thinking!

Weekend Round Up:

We had an early dinner planned of Avocado Burgers and Fries. The boys taunted me with their seasoned fries while I enjoyed some yummy sweet potato baked fries chips slices? Nom, Nom, Nom.
(Bad Blogger = No Real Picture) But here is a knockoff-visual so you can fill your dreams.

Sunday was the usual After Weight Watcher Meeting Breakfast:
10 AMish Bar & Fruit

Post grocery shopping was light since I was planning for our early dinner together.

Delicious Yogurt

In this is picture I used a few new setting on my digital camera. More Crisp Right?

Then, Blue Corn Chips + HOT Salsa + Smokey Almonds

Saturday – I spent the entire day cleaning!

Simple Fuel.

Trying in finish off this bag of bloody toasted oats cereal. They seem to be ever lasting!

Okay now on to the serious business! Remember: I switched to the Sunday Weight Watchers meeting last week prior to staycation? Well, I had a very relaxed staycation week and the scale reflected just how relaxed my decisions have been. I owned what the scale read, but what shocked me was the leader’s response. (last week I shared with her some struggles I'm having with the plan, my limited activity because of the injury and how I miss my old leader dearly)

She was very concerned and shocked to say the least. Twice during the meeting she said something and looked/nodded in my direction. I started to get offended. Then, out of no where my brain simply told my mind “make better choices to feel more proud next week”. My brain taking control like that felt so empowering! I personally accredit it to how much I’ve been talking to myself lately. I’m not crazy I promise!


Anyways – I feel like my bluff has been called. Clearly she cares and wants me to succeed. Now, the ball is in my field. How will I progress? Stay tuned!

Do you find that your weekends are where all the fun happens?

Mine do! And I’m not okay with that. Something else to improve upon -

“Don’t count the days, Make the days count!”


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