Heavy Minded

It is bizarre. At times we hold ourselves to unrealistic expectations but justify the same actions for others. Why are we so hard on ourselves? One thing I attribute to my spiritual growth over the past few months was accepting that I can’t do it all. I honestly just can’t and you can’t either. We can maintain a certain level of superhuman strength for a period but not without a steep price. Sadly, we again are the ones who suffer from the lack of sleep, stress acne and appetite for life! This week I’ve given extreme effort to being more selective with my time, my stressors and my direction. Random I know but I had to get that though out of my mind.


We should be focused on filling our core with healthy, loving, peaceful thoughts and actions. Each day I get a little closer to my goals but at the cost of sacrificing instant gratification. Okay, that went a little deeper than I expected but I do have something uplifting to share. I promise!

Since there are now over 1,000 healthy living bloggers registered with the Healthy Living Blogs Database – I’m sure most of you already know what all the buzz is about but if you haven’t seen or heard of this lovely site check it out and register! Bloggers from all over are uniting on one local site to share their thoughts.

Here is a preview of my guest post that will be published tomorrow. _________________________________________

Twenty four months ago if you said “health” I heard “diet”…. and immediately saw visions of power bars, treadmills, liquid meals and leafy bitter greens. Yoga was something “tree huggers” did at music festivals and I couldn't pronounce zumba?**

Healthy Living = Flavorless Cruel Torture

Tipping the scale at 218 pounds I thought I had no choice but to bow down and accept the lashings from “dieting”. I survived months of vigorous discipline and lost a whopping 65+ pounds. I kept my gym appointments like it was my job, measured every cheerio that went into my mouth and started my day with both feet on my home scale. #scaleobsessedMAJOR. I truly believed I was living healthy because I was active and losing weight and everyone was telling me how great I was “starting to look”.

What few saw was “dieting” defined me, dieting consumed me. Through blogging and reflection I’ve realize that I was invested in finding eternal happiness from points counting and how many activity points I earned. It was something that I was finally was good at! There is a long dark story associated with where I’ve come from- diet pills, night time binges, try to skip a meal to make up for an over indulgence! My quest for a healthier life has been sculpted from all of those experiences. Each of us have our own past, some dirtier than others. It truly does not matter where we come from what posses the most value is where we are going. I… I am seeking the ripest most fruitful life of balance. Balance between my character, core, belly and body. Hey – They say shoot for the moon and I have an entire life time to get there.

To savor life’s graces is one of the greatest gifts that I rarely have time to open. After a long talk with myself then the boyfriend I chopped up my timeline to perfection. I vowed to experience life not to just function through the day. My goal is to simply be better today than I was yesterday. Some days I don't completely succeed but I’ve learned constancy seems to be key. Leading a healthy wholesome lifestyle should not be reflected by numbers, labels, classifications or prejudices but simply by how you feel about yourself, your life, your body, and your habits. The definition is within each of our individual souls.

**Since I have converted to a zumba loving tree hugging yoga freak! No harm intended.

I went to finalize my financial aid paper work for culinary school and the graduating class’s final projects were in display. I was able to sneak a few iphone pictures.

IMG_1884 IMG_1886IMG_1885

I leave you with this.

Who do you rely on for your happiness? Do you base your satisfaction on how many page views you receive? Or how many people noticed your hair cut? Do you wait for your partner to open a bottle of wine or do you pour glass for yourself?
I am learning that when I close my eye each night the happiness and comfort that I felt throughout the day depends on me and me alone. The amazing people in my life and my countless blessing are he icing on the cupcake!

Challenge: Practice feeling good no matter what! Can you work towards lowering certain expectations? Are you capable of teaching yourself to find satisfaction no matter where you are, what you are doing or where you are going?


Tina said...

I loved your HLB post! :)

And I agree that we can't do it all. That helps my happiness. Then I can focus on what I have done and take joy in that.

Florida Food Snob said...

Tina. I love you and your postive energy. Thats all. So glad I found your blog. I appreacite all of your comments :-)

Jes said...

Thank you for making my day!

Elina (Healthy and Sane) said...

Great post! I agree with so many things you say. I used to be such a diet junkie and I thought I was healthy. Mental health should be a priority too. We need to find ways to make ourselves happy, and that means finding exercise we enjoy, food we love, etc.

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