You Stretched Your What?!?

Woooowsaaaa… Waking up to not just one or two but MANY comments brought me so much joy! LaughingThank you again to everyone who took their time to share such kind feedback! Now here we go with….


AKA- monitoring your grocery purchases so you can spend your allowance on something other than peanut butter and marshmallow fluff

Mission Accomplished

Last week’s grocery shop was a major challenge! I wanted to make sure all of us survived the weeks eats before I shared my evil methods. It is no secret that my grocery shopping habits have gotten just a little unruly over the past few months.

Our combined incomes and my strategizing allows for a very generous monthly grocery budget. (About $600 – Don’t forget we live in Florida where EVERYTHING is more expensive!) I make great effort to buy variety, quality, nutritional, wholesome foods for our meals. This often works against me because I OVER SPEND AND WASTE, even thought we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner from home at least 5-6 days a week!

As a young couple we are clearly a “pay check to pay check” household. There might be a tiny bit of paper security in our coffee can-piggy bank and I have plastic cards that will buy me things but we live on a budget, like most do. In the past If I spent too much at the grocery store I would pull money from another fund. Last week I chose not to utilize that option. The result?

A $55 grocery budget for three people and an empty freezer. Okay – the word challenge was an understatement. Angry

I lived to tell the tale….

1. Make a meal plan

2. Take inventory of what you already have

3. Make a list of “absolute must” and “maybe” items

4. Added up guesstimated $prices$ for everything

5. Make a new list of the specific things you will buy that keep you within budget. Next to each item write their guessed $ so you can compare at the store. This will help you decide if you need to sacrifice a “maybe” item.

Tips for stretching your dollars:

- Absolutely NO sporadic purchases one shop out of the month

- Buy juice from concentrate or fresh squeeze your own, mix with water and sugar for a beverage *Man Approved**

- Take it old school with Kool-Aid *Man Approved**

- Have breakfast for dinner one night

- Buy whole chicken breasts then remove skin and bone yourself. Will save you tons!


- Use less ground meat in your normal recipes and add beans to make them more filling and hearty.

- Get creative with what is in your pantry. Try using All Recipes : Ingredient Meal Search Tool to get ideas.

- Cut back using foil, plastic wrap, and baggies. Use your reusable Tupperware! The planet and your pocket will thank you.

zip reynolds_aluminum_foil

- Only take the trash out when it is completely full! Trash bags are $$$$.


- Skip on paper products (towels, plates, napkins). Don’t be so lazy, go reusable!

- Take it easy on dish soap and washer liquid. Use the proper amounts and only run the dish/washer when its full!

If you seek further “savers” knowledge, check out Trading Up DownTown. Amazing “new to me” find.

I’ve got the baking bug, so we might just end up with cookies for dinner. Angel

For your entertainment…

Last Weeks Meal Plan:

Sunday – Waffles and Egg, Bacon Biscuit Sandwiches

Monday – Tater Tot Bake, men everywhere bow down...

Tuesday – Kielbasa Jambalaya **Kielbasa is a super budget friendly protein/meat

Wednesday – Grilled Chicken Parmesan with Pasta

Thursday – Chicken Enchiladas

Friday – Mojo Pork Chops and Spanish Rice

Saturday – Take Out


Double Dose, Meal Plan for this week:

Sunday – Homemade Pick your own Pizza with salad

Monday – Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado Sandwiches

Tuesday- Stuffed Peppers with Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday – Chinese Chicken “Fried” Rice with Edaname

Thursday – Beef Stroganoff with Broccoli

Friday – Grilled Sirloin with double stuffed potatoes

Saturday – Take Out


Tina said...

Love the tip on using beans and ground meat. We do that a lot. Saves money and healthier too. :)

Tina said...

Oops. Didn't type in my full web address on the last one.

Madeline - Greens and Jeans said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I try to make sure I am completely through certain things like peanut butter and couscous before I add it to the grocery list, otherwise I end up with wayyyy too many multiples, which is just wasted money

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend definitely helps me keep my grocery shopping in check, especially if I take him with me. He's a grad student and I'm working full time, but we still split the cost of everything so I'm mindful of his budget before mine! I can't quite get my shopping down to one trip per week, though. It's like therapy for me so sometimes I'll just stop by the store for an item and walk out with a few too many things.

Weight Loss Program said...

It is very hard to stick to a budget and feel like you aren't going without. You are doing the right thing with your menu planning, will save you money everytime. No impulse buying is also something I have learnt, unless it is a really good buy and you will use it in the very near future, if not it isn't a good buy if you end up wasting it, you might as well through out your money.

Florida Food Snob said...

Y'all have a great grasp on saving too ;-)

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