We all get stuck…

From traffic to weight loss plateaus, we all have been there knees deep in muck! That is why movement and change is often viewed with glorifying goggles!

Each of us knows the struggle that comes with being “stuck”. We walk miles to move mere inches. Me…. I’m stuck in a way that is new to me. This stand still has been weighing me down more than a sixth graders backpack! Eye-rolling

I’ve wanted to talk to someone but there really isn’t anything to talk about.
I’ve wanted to runaway but they aren’t ready for me yet.

I am captive against my will until the clock turns in my favor.
Sounds kind of serious, huh?

I haven’t talked about my current job on the blog. There are many reason for that. Personal reason. Professional reasons. and Privacy reasons.

With a surplus of complaints that surrounds all of us I try to do my part to limit the negativity that I spread but sometimes pieces begin to crumble and seams are exposed before your ready. Raised Eyebrow

You see if I look at my life with honest eyes I can’t hid that…

I owe it to my soul to feel a sense of fulfillment even on week days.
I owe it to my heart to find joy in the actions I take and words I speak.
I owe it to my spirit to spend my time at a place where I am welcome.
I owe it to my mind to apply it between the hours of 8:00AM – 5:00PM Monday thru Friday!
I owe it to my body to use it for more than sitting at a desk 40+ hours a week.
I owe it to my faith to believe in where I am going.
I owe it to my future family to be confident in my choices.
I owe it to my legacy to follow my passion and seek out my purpose.

This is a lot to accept but if I arrive at a place one day where my heart can sing, my hands can create and my soul can grow than there really isn’t much more I can ask for.

Orientation is this Thursday and School starts next Monday.

The power is in the eye of the beholder and I am the beholder for once!

I hope yall had an amazing weekend. Thank you for “listening” even though there wasn’t anything to “talk” about. Winking What do you owe to yourself?

No big deal…

Yall made me blush from your comments… AngelThank you!

You ever have one of those day where you just want to be alone? No words. No pressure. Nothing! That is me today. Join me while I take a mental vacay? My weekends are what keep me alive!

Last weekend started early with someone special keeping me company at the office….


IMG_2070Our next stop was that bad place where they stick thermometers up his poor butt! Dun Dun Dunnn


Then my weekend – went some thing like this -


DSCF1215 DSCF1214


DSCF1218 DSCF1223


DSCF1230 DSCF1238



DSCF1242 DSCF1241 DSCF1246



DSCF1252 DSCF1253 DSCF1265 DSCF1263DSCF1258 DSCF1267

DSCF1277 DSCF1279

DSCF1284 DSCF1291

Pale legs are sexy! Tongue


My wine glass is keeping me great company – excuse me while I get ready to watch Biggest Loser season premier and relax my irritation away….

Wish it was Sunday…

because that is my fun day!Tongue

Confession: every other thought that crosses my mind has to do with culinary school, if I don’t redirect this energy I could be headed for a mental danger zone or you know gain 20 pounds easily! Yes, my future is knocking at the door and it is more my style but I can’t completely over look the scene of the present can I?

Sunday - I literally jumped outta bed, leaped into my running shoes and dashed out the door. I arrived quickly at my destination to do some luxurious trail running.


My friends, I feel guilty calling this a workout. I mean I sweat like I’m on a spin bike and the ‘ol Garmin says that I’m burning major calories but I might be loving trail running more than wine these days! Did I just say that? SarcasticAre my southern roots showing?

If you saw this precious deer on the treadmill in front of you wouldn’t you forget how hard you were working? Sorry you have to look so hard, she’s camouflaged. IMG_2021 IMG_2018

Yes, it is true I was feet away from a real life deer on my run!


I saw her hoof prints for over a mile and was worried they were hog/boar marking….Whew

IMG_2036 IMG_2034

I saw the world largest owl too but it was gone in the blink of an eye! Moments later an alligator crossing sign appeared– not cool but deer and owls kinda epic!alligator

I ventured out on a different path this time and it was the best decision ever! There is a long wooden board walk the stretches at least a ¼ mile! On the boardwalk you can see the baby fishes through the clear water.
IMG_2026Obviously – swimming is encouraged?

Since I am a newbie to trail running I ended up with some attractive battle wounds! Many, many painful blisters from walk/running over 6 miles in wet shoes and socks to be exact but I could not have started my half marathon training in a better more peaceful environment!

IMG_2022 IMG_2031 IMG_2033

I totally ended up with farmers tan (I.E: sock tan lines around my ankles) and mud globs for souvenirs – To be honest it made me feel like a bad ass. No big deal…

Well, I was increasing my happiness meter until I read Caitlin's recent post about her finances. Y’all know I’m working on taming the grocery budget, right? I’ve only mentioned it a million few times...

Her post and the endless comments made my brain go into over drive. This topic and the epiphany of why I suck so bad at budgeting is mostly due to my lack of envisioning an end reward, deserves it’s own post. How in the world can I save money just because I’m supposed to, I need a freaking goal! Duh!Big Grin

One of my newest accomplishments: Cooking the proper portion of pasta and saving the rest. SCORE!


I’ve discovered a few more tools for savings success that I will be sharing soon enough. Well – I haven’t been successful with using them yet but they seem effective.

If you are looking for some mental stimulation – check out this post from Morgan about blogging frequency. Even though I’m still a new to blogging and I don’t take it as SERIOUS as others, I thought her point of view was very intriguing.