The Situation

Back at the beginning of August I made a list. The list was 121 things that I wanted to do in the next 1001 days. The reason? A) I’m list driven B) I’m tired of talking myself out of my own happiness C) I never complete anything. Well, here is the first edition of updates.

Memories in Progress:

#8: I registered for a 1/2 Marathon! Training began today – More details coming soon. I will be posting my training plan in the “shaping” section this week.

n131746400259_1494December 5, 2010

#35: Read “Operation Beautiful”, just started reading “Eat, Love, Pray” and have 10 books left. Winking


#41: I am in the process of recording my grocery spending so I can learn how to wrangle my food budget.


here and here is the proof


#88: I reserved a booth at my brothers Fall Festival to host my first bake sale!


#101: Remember Mr. Culantro’s Hair Cut? IMG_2042My herb garden is still kickin!

Culantro is growing back healthy, basil is surviving and lavender is down to 50% but they are all breathing! Batting Eyelashes

Adventures Completed!

#9: 09/06/10 - I rode my bike to the gym (12.5 Miles!) even though I was sun burnt, dehydrated, dizzy and exhausted I accomplished my mission and learned alot about extra long workouts!




#38: 09/04/10I played in a public fountain, even though every one was staring and pointing! No Big Deal…





My mom and brother joined the fun.

That’s how we roll.Winking

#42: 09/11/10 – For the first time EVER! I colored my hair dark brown and I love it! It feels so much more fall.

Don’t mind my before picture featuring the “I half braided my hair WET the night before my 3 month over due hair appointment” look…




It was my mom’s birthday and somehow I ended up with cut, color, mani, pedi and wax! Big Grin


Anonymous said...

the brown looks gorgeous on you! congrats for making your way through that list!

Jes said...

First of all, I love your hair!

I love your list, and I want to go play in a public fountain too! Yay for your half marathon! You rock!!

Robyn @ Wannabe Writer Runner said...

These are such fun and awesome to-do's! Congrats on signing up for the half.

Tina said...

I love the brown on you too!! And how cool to have all those things to work towards accomplishing and doing.

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