Introduction to Culinary: Week 1

It seems like a blur at this point! I can’t be sure if it’s from the sleep deprivation or the carb coma that I’ve been living in but I survived, even made a few memories.

Like my first attempt at playing dress up: Fail. Neckerchief should be rolled thin and tight not like the photo below.

IMG_2131Then, there was the second attempt where I mistakenly wore my toque the wrong way. Oooppsie. DSCF1328
Fact: The 101 folds in the chefs toque represent the 101 way an egg can be prepared.

I‘ve been consumed by absorbing the history and fundamentals of cooking. Deep stuff I tell ya!

Did you know the French Revolution mainstreamed polished cuisine? Before then only the wealthy experienced such educated cooking.

We are required to be familiar with all kitchen equipment, tools and various measurements / conversions. There was even a lab to demonstrate the different between measuring volume and measuring weight.



Weight is the most accurate measurement when cooking. Fact: 1 Cup of flour is 8 ounces by volume but closer to 4-5 ounces by weight.

By the way, ice crème scoopers are undercover measuring devises. They have numbers on them that represent the number of scoops that it takes to create a quart.

Safety has been and will be main focus of everything we do in this class.
The Pro: I’ve learned more about bacteria, fungi, virus and parasites in my first week of culinary school than I learned in an entire semester of biology and I will be “SafeServe” certified (critical for employment).
The Con: Hours upon hours of studying, videos and lectures focused on food handling safety can be draining!
- The danger zone for food is 41 degrees to 135 degrees
- Bacteria multiplies every 20 minutes in food
- Cooking kills most bacteria/viruses but is will not kill toxins

Did you know: Europeans often serve a salad before dessert as a pallet cleanser and “clarified butter” has the moisture removed?

Of course I clearly couldnt forget these decadent buttery rolls.

Obviously I didn’t cook them, the advanced students where generous enough to donate a few dozen to our class. Maybe they could hear my tummy rumbling?

Eating “dinner” at 5PM has taken some adjusting. My schedule has went from the traditional Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM to… Working Full Time + School Full Time
Wake up call 5:30AM!
Work 7AM-3PM
Workout 3:30PM-4:30PM (unless I have homework)
Cook Dinner 4:30PM-5:30PM
School 6PM-10PM
Sleep 11PM – 5:30AM

My weekends are going to look like this very often.

In those 48 hours I have to squeeze in time with my love, the pup, the family, household chores, alone time and still make the meal plan then grocery shop in addition to completing assignments and conquer my half marathon long training runs. The man of the house has volunteered to handle Monday night’s dinner, which is a huge help! Have I mentioned how much I love him? He helps make my world turn.

Quick Question? Was I high when I decided to train for my first half marathon during my first term of going back to school? It seems that way….

This past weekend was my 5K prep race.

The picture is a bit misleading. DSCF1332 DSCF1334
It does not indicate that I:
-woke up 30 minutes late
-had NO FRUIT in the house
-only had enough time to stuff a cereal bar down my throat for “breakfast”
-drove to the wrong location
-blamed my mom which resulted in a argument
-sped 80mph to make it to correct location
-arrived to starting line with 5 minutes to spare
How this could all have been prevented? Plan. Plan people. Plan!

The race taught me something about myself. I am more than capable if I choose to be.
DSCF1335 Before


DSCF1344 After

Then, there was some of this……


My first “pace buddy” experience went well! She was trailing me the entire race. Her heavy controlled breaths from behind are what pushed me to keep pace with her. I’ve been running easy slow 13 minute miles, Sunday’s 5K time was 33:10:50! I totally rocked the 11 minute mile and my body is punishing me today for sure!

IMG_2140 IMG_2141
The ‘ol knees and thighs are tight and sore but I surpassed my expectations and maintain a smile! Achievement unlocked.
Check out the luxurious onsite bathrooms… I mean out houses….
DSCF1345Wish me luck as I begin week 2 : Knife skills and Mis an Place. Hopefully next week’s recap will be written with all ten fingers. Ekkkk we pick up our knife bags tonight. Beyond stoked!


Gracie said...

Ahh, I absolutely love reading about your culinary school experiences!! In another life I was definitely a pastry chef :D Although, I wouldn't expect that there would be studying involved...eek!

Anne P said...

How fun - good luck with knife skills!! :) And congrats on the 5k!

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

What a lot of stuff to learn and know. It all sounds so interesting though.

I couldn't imagine that hectic start to the race morning. Way to go though!

Anonymous said...

Great Race!

Looks liked you are having a great time in school! I can't wait to see what you cook up.

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