Week 2: Vampires

You know what I learned this week in school? There will always be means girls, no matter their age. Oh and… if you sacrifice a few hours to study you might just get a 92.5% on your first test! Ekkkk. Not tryin to name drop or anythang but someone may have had one of the top test scores and she might have received an orange tootsie pop as a reward from her Chef. Just maybe…


Week two provided me the opportunity to absorb the knowledge that has been streaming through my veins. Everything here is exceptionally fast paced, takes some getting used to! Though I’ve already forgot what well rested feels like I am exactly where I should be.

Our class was finally able to get our hands dirty!

Some even got them a little bloody but my record is

Kristy (2) - Knives (0)! No finger cots for me this week…

IMG_2152 IMG_2158

Julienne, Brunoise, Batonnet, Tourne, oh my! Clearly – My skills have not completely developed.


And then there was the epic tastings.
The mission: Prepare onions four ways. Raw. Lightly cooked. Caramelized. Burnt.


Prior to the tasting I hated raw onions. After the tasting I still loath raw onions. I mean does it get more pungent and offensive than raw freaking onions?!? Onions were meant to be caressed delicately in butters and browned to their glory not chopped and shoved in my mouth. Ugh. Bleeeek!

The burnt onions are my work of art. See I got mad skills. My group did great! Look at Wanda’s caramelized beauties! Yes, please!
We all dried our tears and processed to flavor testing.


Did you know that this is how we taste? [Source]

In this challenge we tasted each flavor. Sour (lemon juice), Salty (salt water), Sweet (sugar water) and Bitter.

As we drank the liquids we were instructed to indentify where on our tongues we actually tasted them! IMG_2167

The diagram above proved true to my pallet. I did notice that I was less sensitive to the sugar water :le sigh: Chef claims we can train our pallets to be more of a supper taster. I’m intrigued…


Then, there was some more drinking. Of course not chilled wine or warm herbal tea but FISH SAUCE. Yeah, I’m talking fish in a bottle! Well, the first sample was basic fish stock. The second sample was the basic fish stock enhanced with Umami (fish sauce).

I have to say, fish sauce is defiantly a secret trick of the culinary trade! It seemed to brighten every flavor in the basic stock and enhanced the salt profile to perfection. Some people felt it was slightly over powering but the saltiness that was achieved is indeed the perfect balance! It was that type of edible harmony that makes you question if you are still mortal. According to Chef, this fish sauce can be used in all types of dishes not just fish or stock.


He won everyone back when he began feeding us Jelly Beans. I promise it was part of the lab, exploring textures and contrasts. We honestly don’t eat jelly beans and do shots of fish sauce in our free time.


Confession: You can find my nose glued to the bakery windows daily in-between breaks, before and after class, during session….. Every moment I get I chase the aroma that fills the hallway down to the bakery. I peer through the windows envious of the mess… That beautiful mess that evolves into fluffy love which rests in a plain metal bread pan waiting to be chewed into submission.


You see it was a very productive week. Stay tuned for Week 3!

Herbs. Spices. Salts. Resumes. Oh and more FOOD SAFETY….


By the way, what do you consider yourself?
A super taster? A medium (average) taster? Low level taster?
Did you know that smokes taste less than non-smokers?


Jes said...

Great job on your test! I know what you mean about mean girls. Just remember that they are probably just envious of some quality you possess that they wish they could (and probably could possess themselves if they were not so mean).

I have no idea what kind of taster I am. lol

Lo said...

congrats on the 5k a little bit of go! Oh and pastry school? So jeal! Def apply for top chef just desserts :)


Anonymous said...

You look so cute in your chef gear! Congrats on the test. I'm really enjoying reading about the school adventure, keep up the good work!

Gracie said...

That is some really cool information! I would consider myself a super-taster. However, I'd love to learn more about how to use my palate/recognize tastes. I'm trying to become a super foodie, muahah ;)

Anonymous said...

Culinary school seems so fun! I can't wait to hear more about your adventures!!

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

I have no clue what level taster i would be. I can handle really rich and really spicy so I don't know if that means anything?

Congrats on the great test score!

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