Week 3: Spotted

You see the way this photograph was taken? Blurry and unstable but trying to capture the moment...its an exact portrayal of how I'm functioning these days.
Come week end I'm left with empty pockets and a brain that is overfilled.
Then, I ponder where did all the time go?

Where in the world did the 168 hours before my midterms escape to? Lets investigate!

42 short hours devoted to sleep. [Source]

38 hours spent earning the money required to support my lavish lifestyle. Laughing
25 mandatory hours extracted in the class room where I learned about:




Clarifying Butter

IMG_2192Step 1: Melt REAL butter. Do not boil, stir or disturb in anyway.

IMG_2190Step 2: Remove milk solids without mixing or bring the "moisture" from the bottom. IMG_2194Pure milk solids look appetizing, huh?

Here is the "moisture" (water substance) that rest on the bottom of the pan. Yuck!IMG_2195You are left with pure clarified butter.

Clarifying the butter increases the smoke point so it wont burn as quickly and it keeps much longer. Note, the taste will change slightly.

First: Cut and X on the bottom of the plump tomato and place it in boiling water.

You will know it is done when the skin starts to peel off.
Then, shock it in an ice bath to stop the cooking process.
Next, remove EVERY SINLGE seed. Not even one seed left behind. Or else! Tongue
Then, chop into submission. The end.

I spy with my little eye! This beauty!
I was paralyzed by her presence.Disappointed Maybe one day when I grow up I will own one of my very own...
Mrs.Vitamix pureed the tomatos with sugar and salt into a shot of vitamin c!

I perfected the Bouquet Garni and the Sachet.IMG_2210IMG_2212

Both of these are used to add flavor to stocks in a way that is easily removed and doesn't disturb the other ingredients. The Bouquet Garni is simply leek, celery, carrot, parsley stem and thyme. The Sachet is the one that looks like it is in a bag. Inside of the cheesecloth is parsley stem, bay leaf, cracked pepper, 2-cloves and garlic.
This weeks bakery photo is brought to you courtesy of the "new-to-me" bread window I discovered. Can you see my drool on the glass? Batting Eyelashes
{End of this weeks lessons}Winking

Another 6 hours absorbed from studying.
Followed by 3 hours of practicing knife skills.

Check it! If youre interested, I found this video on knife skills. It is one of the better ones I've seen. My first practical exam is this week on MY knife skills. Ekkkkk

2 wimpy hours spent working on my fitness. [Source]

4 meaningful hours invested spending time with the family.

IMG_2232IMG_2229 Watched my little brother spar.

IMG_2240Met the newest member of our family. Welcome, sleepy baby cousin Kylyn!

IMG_2238 And laughed at my mom's costume.

IMG_2237Obviously, Kylyn did not want to be included in this photo.


And 30 minutes stolen to drop the pup off at his grandma's for a sleep over.

6 glorious hours catching up with my BFF from elementary school who I have not seen in years!

3 painful hours updating our budget and paying expensive bills.

2 short hours invested in the bedroom with the love of my life Red heart

Resulting in.....

IMG_2241Things that I would have never dreamed of neglecting - like washing my hair, cleaning the dishes or meal planning just didn't make the cut this round.

I'm sure we can survive on beefy-mac, dry shampoo and paper plates this week.Winking

Until next time my friends... That is if I survive the 2 HUGE midterms this week and the state SafeServe certification exam!


Shannon, Tropical Eats said...

dang, it's like science what you're doing! well i guess food science is a real thing.. but, you know what i mean.

G'luck on your midterms!!!!! you can do it!

Tina said...

I can't believe how busy you are! You're learning so much interesting stuff though.

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