Week 4: Enough

There are plenty of things that I wish I could change…like my bank accounts balance or the FACT that my curls WILL fall flat or my dog’s obsession with peeing indoors!

I should scream from our roof top while mooning the world to express my disgust, right? Well, since Orlando is more on the discreet side I don’t think he would appreciate the hate mail that we would receive from disturbing the neighborhood with my exposed my pale behind.
Regardless of the day’s trivia, I take pride in the progress that I’ve made towards letting go of my attachment to perfection. I can honestly say with that I have no desire to be “perfect”. Actually, this past week has shown how life can be even more fulfilling when I simply do my best at that given moment. I don’t have to be flawless to be outstanding or successful. I can’t always be the best but….

- Orlando believes he can survive on carbs and protein alone thus it was good enough to be his dinner. IMG_2316
- Bailey claims that playing tug-o-war in the front yard was good enough. He doesn’t need to go to the dog park to feel my love.IMG_2219
IMG_2272- Practicing knife skills two hours before the practical while watching Biggest Loser was good enough to be considered prepared for the exam.
IMG_2255- Producing only half the amount of nearly perfect batonnet, julienne, small dice and brunoise cut carrots as my competition was good enough to earn an “A”!
- Thursday was the day that simple farfelle (bowtie pasta) with a basic warm sweet and spicy tomato chutney happened to be good enough for three peers to ask for the recipe.IMG_2290

- Incorporating the intimidating purple potato into a mashed potato dish and a potato salad dish is not an easy task. Pheeew, good thing the flavor of my group’s dishes were good enough to mask our unpolished garnishing skills.
IMG_2262- Hesitantly preparing the bacon hominy “cake” topped with a fried egg was good enough to win first place in two categories.IMG_2291- Who would have thought that an incidental tortellini in crème sauce dish was good enough for my unseasoned teammates to declare that they indeed don’t despise tortellini and the asparagus that was hidden inside of the roux didn’t kill them!
IMG_2289- Dish washing may seem like a major drag but rubbing elbows with my classmates while get slashed by sanitizer and chatting about Daikon radishes is good enough to make me want to come back and do it all over again and again….
Now, the moment you have been waiting for!
This week’s envy exhibit is a double feature -

The blissful bakery window
And a seasonal treat from the advanced students!
I hope ya'll had an amazing Halloween! For us Halloween has turned into a movie night involving kiddy pajamas, wine, cookies and pacifying my inner juvenile when no one is looking.Tongue out


Epiventures said...

I'm really identifying with your blog... blurry checkered pants pics and all. If you like dishes AND radishes, we really should share a glass of wine some day ;)

Melissa said...

I completely understand that you want everything to be perfect, but I'm glad that you see it's still good enough if you do your best. I'm the same way when it comes to turning things in.. try for perfection, but sometimes it's better to just let things go. Also, I think you should move to Philly so I can taste some of that good food!

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