Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda.

I was a snob.

I was going to write on this page but I didn’t.

I didn’t... because I couldn’t have my own URL or a fancy header.

You win.

I dreamed of documenting my entire culinary school experience. Every detail – down to how many meringues were whipped during my Contemporary Cakes… but I didn’t because I didn’t have my own URL or a fancy header.

Now, I don’t have a URL, a fancy header or the journal entries.

If I wouldn’t have been such a snob –
I would have more than I have now.

Folks, it is completely acceptable to be a snob about certain things like your butter’s temperature or how long ago your ice crème was churned but not about your life style.

Live. Even if youre not living how you would have pictured it.

The Classroom in the Kitchen

I have a confession. I’ve been telling you stories.Liar

For the most part these stories have been factual. The problem is the stories were one sided. My first term in culinary school is coming to a close and it is time for me to come clean about the things that go unsaid.

Part One: Confessions from the classroom in the kitchen
Day One: If your confidence is in any way associated with your appearance find another way to equip yourself. Not only will you be treated like “one of the guys”, you will begin to resemble one instantly.

Prepare to be stripped of every object or material that makes you an individual.
No long or fake nails. No nail polish. No facial piercings. No makeup. No loose hair. No exceptions.

Exhibit A: My personal record is 12 minutes to assemble the costume.
Fresh faced. Pressed Clean White Jacket. Trendy Checkered Pants. Neckerchief with Centered Metal Pendent. Black socks. Non-Slip Elf Shoes. New Hat. Clean Apron. Towels - Lots of Towels.
No exceptions. No variations. No questions.
[SOURCE] Day Eight: The 20 hours a week you spend on school campus will not compare to the 20+ hours a week you will invest studying and practicing. You will be required to absorb thousands of facts that are being poured over your head at light speed. Think fast because learning is done on your time. School time is used for teaching.

Day Twelve: Google “TEAMWORK”. The majority of the people who you come in contact with at said institution will have similar interests but that does not mean they are all as passionate or as friendly as you. Accept it quickly and move forward!

Exhibit B: You will use one cutting board most days but will be expected to wash 33 of them.
Remember, Teamwork?

Day Fourteen: You came to culinary school to cook? Well, sit patiently until it is time. You earn the right to use the equipment through knowledge and experience. Nothing will be given freely. And if your belly is growling, too bad! Eating is done on your time. Culinary school is not an open buffet!

Day Twenty: Taste or creativity is not your main concern in the food industry. Safety is! Therefore, you will learn more about time temperature control and food borne illnesses than any other subject while in “Introduction to Culinary Arts”.

Don’t fret my friends, administrations staff takes your best interest into consideration sometimes! They understanding that you sleep five hours each night, get twelve paper cuts a day at your nine to five job, suffer though their harmful curriculum with a toxic smile while attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage a household, all in the hope that one day you will earn the title “chef/baker”. So, they kindly provide you with thirty pounds of books, knives, and supplies to lug around that way you can clear your schedule of any weight lifting appointments. Tongue

“What does not kill you will only make you stronger”?

Well, when I complete this program I better at least have superhuman arm muscle strength to make up for my carrot colored palms, blood orange stained nail beds, masculine completion and these tired eyes that I’m hiding behind.Winking

I’m not going to lie. I’ve struggled. I’ve succeeded. I’ve cried. I’ve smiled. All in just six short weeks but, most important something has been awakened that I didn’t know was sleeping. That something is now what wakes me up when sun shine and caffeine aren’t enough. I’m not going to lie, I feel naked in a novel way…. And I’m thrilled about “it”. Big Grin

What is something that you wanted to earn?

You know, things that are worth the effort?