Holla Back Girl

Even though this long holiday weekend is only 2/3 of the way over I defiantly have made the most of my free time. Friday night in the middle of the night I woke up and thought “I want to try to run, bike and swim tomorrow” – Note to self: You might have lost it if your first thought is about your next workout. I got an early start to my day; since I was planning on running right away I didn’t want to eat too large of a breakfast.
Here is my first attempt at breakfast = FAILURE! Tried to use Kale in my green monster since I was out of spinach. Also, replaced the banana with berries but tasted like CRAP! Tired to down it but couldn't!

Result – Breakfast two… Plain and Simple

Fruit 2day smoothie and slice of wheat toast w/ laughing cow spread

My brother actually ended up joining me for the workout!

We RAN – 40 MINUTES (recording time because there is a discrepancy about the distance ☺)


There were so many “sidewalk closed” signs that we ended up “off road” a few times. Woah – It was a CHALLENGE. Glad, my brother came with me – It resulted in biking twice as far as I thought I could.

After the run and bike ride we were starving. I drove very quickly to Publix and bought us subs! I ate the Boar’s Head EverRoast Chicken Wheat 6” Sub with lettuce, banana peppers and black olives. Devine! Added some baby carrots when I got home.

After lunch the usual Florida Summer Clouds rolled in, so there was no swimming for me. I think it was a sign because I knew my body was spent but I was planning on pushing it. I took a nap instead and woke up feeling icky. All week I’ve been fighting the flu symptoms so it was a simple bowl of canned tomato soup and Kashi Fire Roasted Grain Crackers. There is something about my childhood comfort of condensed Campbell’s Tomato soup mixed with 1/8C milk and 1tsp butter. Its best with a gooey grilled cheese sandwich but I wasn’t interested in that tonight. Light. Soothing. Delish.

Today – I went to the 11AM spin class and did 30 minutes of upper body. It was nice to have such few people in the weight area. I was able to explore a little more comfortably. Then, I decided to lay poolside for a couple hours. Kim Kardashian is on the cover of Shape magazine this month so that made for a good read. My eats were a little off today so didn’t wanna bore you. I was not very hungry so I did a lot of 200-300 snack session instead of actual meals.

I learned a few things about some of my choices this weekend.
1. Need to create a play list of fast passed music. Noting like “Soothing Spa Notes” coming up during your running plateau.
2. Even if you think you aren’t going to be in the sun long enough to need sunscreen, put it on any ways. I got major tank top tan lines on Saturday’s excursions!
3. Since I kicked my activity up so much these past few days – I have been CRAVING SALT. PURE SALT!

Each time I try something new I usually learn something. Have to you come across any useful learning curves?

The boys are out of the house tonight so I’m thinking about watching a chick flick while making our meal plan for this week. Feeling wide-awake, hope I don’t find myself cleaning the baseboards in a few hours but I do have a banana in the freezer that has soft server all over it!

Are you having an active weekend or laying low?

Part One: I wish I had a better memory...

The pictures tell me that in second grade I began to get “chubby”.
By fourth grade I was overweight and in fifth grade I was considered "obese".
I guess I should be careful what I wish for because in reality the memories I have from fourth grade until now are painful enough, I don’t really need those few previous years to know the depth of my journey, seriously....

!Facts about where I come from!
Fourth Grade – I wore the same six outfits the entire school year. They were the only clothes that I felt I could bare to be seen in. My young mind was convinced that each person that I came in contact with judged me as harshly as I judged myself.
Fifth Grade – My aunt purchased a swim suit and a cover up for me to wear to the end of the year pool party because I did not own a single bathing suit. Imagine living in FLORIDA and not owning a swim suit! I was astonished at how bright and attractive the fabric was. The cover up was so pale, delicate and fashionable. For days I looked at the suit hoping that I would have the courage to put it on and show off my gift! Well I did – but I never took the cover up off. I never went into the pool. I sat at an un-shaded table for hours in the summer heat with all the parents while my peers enjoyed their last summer before entering middle school to become a teenager.
Sixth Grade – I bought every single piece of my school clothes from the Target “B.U.M” clothing line because it was the only place where I could find clothes that fit my size and were age appropriate. Imagine the variety I had to choose from 6 whole racks! :sigh:
Middle school as a whole was harsh and morbid. Every single day was a struggle – I skipped so many days because I felt like I needed a break from the torment. My mom always was comforting. She rarely questioned my absence from school. To be honest I believe she enjoyed the company. I invested a lot of energy into being a well behaved honor roll student. It was the only way I felt like someone would recognize me. Not a single person, not even my best good friend who I told everything to, knew how deep the jealousy and envy ran – I guess I was good at pretending. When all you’ve known is to want to be someone else there is no foundation or selfworth. I didn’t see it as being fake I was just trying to be the person that I thought would make me more likeable. I wanted to be a “normal girl” with a boyfriend. I wanted to be invited to a dance. I wanted to be liked….

Fast forward to the summer before going into high school (2002) – This is when I first realized that I’m not as helpless as I had thought. It began with my next door neighbor (Tara) inviting me to start Weight Watchers with her. I remember it so well, we weighted in on Wednesday nights and EVERY week we would stop for Chinese food on the way home, major LOLs. We lived just a few steps from each other so most nights we would walk briskly for 30 minutes to get some activity in. I started to eat breakfast and pack a sandwich for lunch each day. I didn’t focus on nutrition or eating balanced. I wanted to lose weight and I was easily by just changing a few things. I got to a size 7/9 about 145-150 pounds while on the Weight Watchers program. At that point I decided I wanted to stop and just be a teenager. So I did and everything started to fall into place, in my eyes. The girls that I wanted to be friends with welcomed me. I finally had a real boyfriend – A VERY manly popular senior one to be exact when I was just a newbie freshman. I could shop where my peers shopped! I was living the good life, the only thing I wanted to change was living at home. Oh, So naive!

To be continued…

What's your type?

Brownie or Blondie?

My week was slightly sketchy so after the responsibilities of my usual TFIG were fulfilled I propped up my feet with a cold beer and my new cooks book, set out to prepare the menu for next week. Once that was accomplished I stumbled down stairs to fulfill Darth-Aider's request. My waist line hate's when I give into Darth-Adider's late night baking calls and the men of the house love it!

The result of my intoxicated throwdown – Banging Blondies! (adapted from here)

2 1/2C Flour

2 Eggs

1TBSP Vanilla

1 3/4C Packed Brown Sugar

1/2Tsp Salt

1Tsp Baking Powder

1/2C Oil

1 Stick Butter (softened)

1 Heaping Cup of Butterscotch Morsals plus 1/4 Cup

1 Heaping Cup of White Chocolate Morsals plus 1/3 Cup


PREHEAT oven to 350° F. COMBINE flour, baking powder and salt in a medium bowl.

Beat butter, sugar and vanilla extract in a large mixing bowl until creamy.

Beat in eggs.

Gradually beat in flour mixture.

I learned something about myself last night - The more I drink the messier I am.

Stir in 1 heaping cup of each type of morsel.

Spread into ungreased 8X8inch baking pan.

Sprinkle with remaining morsels.

BAKE for 45 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean.

Cool in pan on wire rack. Then Enjoy!

It was a great way to start my weekend.

Explain the bootcamp followed by spin class at 9AM this morning?

Do you find that you workout harder after you over indulge?

I notice that I was much more slugish during today's double.

The day I did "it"...

Ever hear the phrase “do something each day that scares you”? I used to get anxiety just thinking about danger or unfamiliar situations. Who am I kidding – I used to be B-O-R-I-N-G! Spontaneity had been a character trait that I lacked my entire life. I forced control and structure on to every situation, event, vacation, meal, everything…. Throughout the remodeling of my lifestyle I also have been working towards becoming a happier person simply because for so long I wasn’t living life, I was always the observer. I constantly settled for what was easy and convenient out of fear from the unknown, fear of failure, fear of rejection.

It’s no secret that I’ve had a 20-year membership to the “all or nothing” club and that begun to bother me once I noticed how quickly that mindset triggers unhealthy actions and emotions. Like the entire world, we all slip up and make mistakes. That connection and accepting that I am human has allowed me to move away from judging success by how perfect the journey has been.

As I mentioned I purchased a membership to a real gym! Don’t let anyone fool you, big chain gyms are intimidating MAJOR! For the past couple weeks I would check in at the front desk, stop in the

locker room, walk to the class room, attend class, locker room again then, leave. I got butterflies when I considered making my way to the “middle” of the gym where the equipment is. The weight section is filled with hot dog neck body builders that are HUGE and SCARY looking. They are bright red in color with leather belts, gloves and who knows what else! I mean they freaking walk around with GALLONS of water. Nough said? That explains why I feel more comfortable in the classes with mostly women who are at a similar level of fitness as me. Well – Let me tell you about yesterday’s landmark!

Before work I reserved my spot for the 5:30PM spin class, second time this week, with the intention of doing the body sculpt class afterwards since I’ve been slacking on upper body! Around 2PM I started to get sucked into the dangerous afternoon downer vortex. As I listened to my mind try to convince my body that is was too tired/sore to workout a third day in a row I texted “Babe: I’m exhausted and sore. Dunno if I should try to suck it up or rest.” – I secretly was so hopeful that he would reply “Why don’t ya take a night off? Wine & a movie?” Instead his response “Maybe just do one class, doesn’t have to be all or nothing”. That simple reminder was worth $1,000.00! It’s simple but true. Why don’t I just go see how I feel and then decide, instead I was injecting negative energy into the decision. Now to the point…. I wanted to get use of my $1.00 spin reservation

so I listen and let my heart do the guiding. In place of doing what I felt I “should” do - I did the workout that “I WANTED” and I wanted to do some freaking upper body, get my $1 use and not be there two hours. The only way to fulfill all those requirements was to walk into the darkness. I set out to use the weight equipment even if all those intimidators were around. Guess what! I survived, enjoyed myself and feel like a bad ass! Major confidence booster and I am hella sore today.

I'm such a nerd but I really enjoy being at the gym. There’s so much variety that time passes quickly. I do still enjoy my weekly outdoor/beach runs but the gym is keeping me motivated! It has been extremely fun to have such a variety of workouts available each week.

Unrelated Confession: I totally dorked out today. I got way too excited about how satisfying (?thrilling?) our “clean out the pantry, frig, frez week” has been. I'm just going to go ahead and pat my self on the back, brb. I’ve been so distracted that I didn’t get pictures this week or it might be the result of my severe Cannon Rebel jealousy problem.

Cleanout Concocktions Shout Outs:

Taco Pie (Taco Flavored Gnd Beef + L/O Corn + Diced Tomatoes + L/O Pie Crust - topped with sour creme)

Mojo Chicken Veggie Kabobs with Couscous (Mojo Marinade + L/O Mushrooms, Peppers and Squash) **Couscous made two extra serving to save for another meal/lunch?**

Reheated L/O frozen chili then added to romaine lettuce as salad topping

How many people get creative with their leftovers? If I don't hide them then boys won't eat them.

What’s good?

I wish people would begin a conversation with “what is good?” –

Example “Hello, Nice to see you again. What’s good in your life?” VERSES the dreaded repetitive “Hello, How are you?” phrase that I have to answer 5,478 times A DAY! <-- (Someone needed a little venting today…)

When people hear the question “How are you?” They usually reply in one of two ways:
A) Lie and just say “good, fine, well”
B) Explain all the crappy things that are going on
There are few people who give a reply that makes me glad I asked….. Sheesh, that needs improvement!
In honor of my little “what’s good” theme: I wanted to share discovereies that have brought a smile to my face. If you asked me "what is good" today this would be my reply. Beware… random thoughts ahead!

Treasure #1
I mentioned on twitter that I am seeking friends. **Cough**
“You might be lame if…. You announce that you are friend less and looking”
Anyways – I’ve found a friend. Sadly it is neither a male or female but a fruit….ORANGES! Oranges have become my best friend lately. They are so refreshing and bright.

I can try to hid them in my mouth and I can take them along for pre-workout snack or leave them to rest when needed. You should try inviting some over this week, they are great company!

Treasure #2
I don’t know about you but I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting FUN packages in the mail, it’s even better when they are unexpected and FREE. All-Bran sent me this thrilling sample pack that I am anxious to try. Its not clear why this kind company sent me these treats but I’m grateful. Who knows maybe if you show some love they will do the same for you.
I accidently deleted, well the camera ate the picture but you get the idea.

Treasure #3
Amazing Leftover Rewinds
“Chili Salad” --> Romine lettuce topped with left over warmed chili and sour crème acted as the “dressing”
Anything Goes Stuffed Pita --> Leftover grilled chicken, spinach, mushrooms and red pepper hummus with leftover corn.

Bravo award goes to….
The “Cesar Chicken Sandwich” that rocked my dinner plate last week

Treasure #4
Caitlin posted about social networking and consumers. Here is proof of how awesome the connection really is. I recently visited Pollo Tropical to order dinner. The boys usually get the chicken family meal and I was craving some of their delicious soup! That mission was a failure because POLLO TROPICAL (English = Tropical Chicken) was freaking out of chicken. Not sure how** you run out of your main profit maker but they did so I commented on twitter. Well, the people over at Pollo Tropical cared so much that they contacted me and sent me this to compensate! How Awesome!

**They claim that a high volume of customers resulted in me being chicken less.

Treasure #5
Last summer Orlando and I took a trip to Key Largo, it was an unbelievable trip. (#EVENEPIC?) On the drive home I had to stop at Shell World, where I found a very unique wooden ring that I adored. That ring went MIA about 6 months ago, ever since a small portion of my soul has been searching for it. Luckily – I found a replacement on Ebay for less than $5.00! :Jumps for joy: Now I am again the proud owner a stylish wooden ring. :LOVES:

Check IT! I spotted these bad boys in the grocery last month. They are pretty much liquid fruit, nothing else added (some have fruit juice and cinnamon added). I found they are great to chug or drink if you are low on calories and headed to an intense workout. They are super light on my tummy and fill me well. Score!
Please lend a helping review! I want to purchase a heart rate monitor to know how many calories I’m burning (during spin, zumba, bootcamp, running, ect) – this way I can gauge how many calories to need to be replenished. Sounds like a plan right? Well, I’ve done tons of research and am leaning towards the
Polar F6. I would love to hear any feedback/suggestions you have on this topic. It’s a $large$ purchase so I want to be confident in my decision. Any information would be helpful. Muchas Gracias!

What are some sweet finds that you have stumbled across?

Today I feel like telling a story...

A love story about a boy and a girl.

In the fall of 2003, a tall dark and handsome young man by the name of Orlando was just 19 years old. He was the youth leader of a local Hispanic church that his father pastured. Little Miss.Kristy was a broken hearted 15 year old looking for love in all the wrong faces. She was still devastated from the breakup with her first and ONLY boyfriend, teenagers can be so dramatic! To distract her mind, Kristy’s mother suggested for her to become more active in their church youth group. One Saturday, Kristy and Orlando’s youth groups arranged a combined car wash to raise money for the church building that both congregations shared. That day turned out to be the preface to their chapter book.
Kristy was very attracted to Orlando’s spontaneous, rebellious appeal – not to mention his great butt. Her young immature wounded soul chased after him like a puppy following a squeaky toy. His presence soothed her wounds. His smell aroused her. She was hopelessly consumed by his essence. Just six months after dating he moved into her parents house due to some unforeseen circumstances. Since that day – they have slept in the same bed each night. This story may sound a little nontraditional because it is! Their love is unique.

Seven years later they are happily living their love song in a home that they created with the most precious dog you have ever seen, Bailey!
Orlando is not my boyfriend, my fiance or my husband. He is my partner, my rock, my best friend. Daily I wake up next to him, grateful to see his innocent face fasted asleep as I continue to fall deeper in love. No matter how dreary my day is he never fails to add the touch of brightness that I have become accustomed to. Ever since he entered my life I no longer felt alone. He is never in front or behind me – he is always beside. (Except when we go running, his legs are so much longer than mine! No Fair!)

Seven years is longer than most marriages last, so you might be wondering how such immature individuals have remained infatuated for over 2,555 days. The truth is – we have grown together. The path has not always been smooth, strong and steady but there truly isn’t one day with him that I would change, growing pains included simply because where we have been is the foundation of where we are now.

Prior to changing my outlook and committing to lead a healthy life, having a PERFECT shiny spotless OCD style home was my main concern.
Exhibit A: Every single can/box in the pantry had to face front in a specific order
Exhibit B: The towels all had to be folded in the EXACT same way, resulting in the same size/shape
There was no variation allowed to anything in my routine or I would fall apart and my whole day/week would be ruined! It was my way – all or nothing. (I was kinda sorta a bitch) Ugh, if you thought working out 5 days a week was tough, maintaining that lifestyle was exhausting! I held myself captive for too many years, wasted so many opportunities. I’ll save the “How I broke away from those unhealthy habits” story for another time but since I was investing all of my free time in being a crazy controlling lady I not only neglected to take care of myself but I neglected some of Orlando’s needs. Luckily, I stopped that train dead in it’s tracks before it was too late.

The best advice I can give for a thriving relationship is don’t waste too many moments fighting, being jealous or controlling. Appreciate life and spend time doing things that bring you closer together. If at this point your hobbies and interests are contrasting start with investing time in the bedroom. Honestly – SPICE IT UP and bust out that whip! If you thought food was the way to a man’s heart wait until he responds to you in a leather corset and knee high boots. Bowchickabowow…

While we are on the topic of couples. Angela posted the other day about the connection between couples gaining and losing weight together. I did not even realize that Orlando and I totally fall into that category. I will take partial credit for his weight gain. He ate what I cooked --> low nutrition high fat foods! I was always trying to show my love for him with food. Activity was absent from our lives for a few years. He was consumed by video games and I was focused on making excuses for why I was unhappy with MYSELF.

Here is us November 2008

Here is us Last Week (Not sure who stole our smiley faces)
Orlando never jumped on the healthy train. What has worked for him has been a slow transition. He cut out soda, started eating more than one meal a day and recently began to run with me at the beach. He is constantly making progress. He is actually drinking water without me giving him a 10 minute lecture on how critical water consumption is for existing.
Things are better when we are together. I am incredibly grateful that we can share more than a pizza plus a tray of brownies and still feel fulfilled.

24- Hour Fit This!

Howdy, Y’all –

For the past 6-9 months my usual workout was: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday aerobics class and running twice a week close to home. For a short period I attended a few yoga classes. Two weeks ago I printed the 7-day free trial for 24-Hour Fitness “The Biggest Loser Gym”, hehe. (Woah - Kind sounds like a sales pitch?)

After just one ZUMBA CLASS at 24-Hour Fitness I had to join! Zumba is a crazy and creative calorie burn! If aerobics class and salsa/merengue dancing had a baby its name would pretty much be ZUMBA!

So I officially have my first REAL nifty gym membership. I feel like such an adult! I am beyond impressed with the selection of group workout classes they offer and at incredibly convenient hours. Yay, for getting my monies worth because I only go to the gym for classes or the pool. Florida =run outdoors

Ever since I joined my motivation tank has been full to the top. If I was single I might declare the gym my new lover. I want to be there all the time. Yeah – I’m that serious.

Anyways - Besides Zumba, I’ve attended:

Spin (X2) – Each time I fall more in love. I enjoy every sweat drop, mmmuuuhhaaahh! I love their rockin jams that I can sing along to. I have to say I’m struggling with knowing how many calories I burn so I don't know how many to compensate/replenish food wise. Suggestions?
Caitlin posted today about post workout nausea. Its too ironic because driving home last night from spin (followed by yoga) I almost had to pull over because I was that nauseous. Then, at dinner I was not very hungry but my belly was growling. Weird stuff is going down! Must continue to investigate.

Yoga (X2) - My soul had been craving a nice soothing session. This yoga is different than what I’m familiar with – quicker, more advanced but still enjoyable.
FYI: I was on yogadownloads.com today and found a FREE video that is VERY similar to the style and sequence of the class at 24-Hour Fitness if you are interested.

Sculpting – Class focused on upper body with free weight and weight bars, sadly that was the first time I met Mr. Weight Bar so I just acted the part. Confession:Ugh, I can’t do a pull up. Upper body work is defiantly a challenge for me. The class setting pushed me further than I usually do and made it a little less painful. Thumbs up, I woke up sore.

Camp24 – Bootcamp style, would you have guessed by the name? I did this class unexpectedly AFTER a Zumba class so I didn’t have much energy. Its defiantly an intense challenge. I appreciated the instructor not screaming in my face.

I’m learning that the instructors individualize their classes. (Cough.newbie.Cough)

I stopped by the library over the weekend and scored big with
one of my "eyes closed just grab books".
I'm flying through this 427 page book. From the looks of things soon enough I will get to the chapter about pre and post workout food consumption.

Spread the word Operation Beautiful style -->

Did you know (
according to this book) a GREEN banana with
some yellow is 7% sugar? A mostly yellow banana is 65% sugar and brown spotted/speckled bananas are 90% sugar!?! I about died when I read that.

Have you become addicted to any thing lately? I just keep craving spin class and kale chips......