Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda.

I was a snob.

I was going to write on this page but I didn’t.

I didn’t... because I couldn’t have my own URL or a fancy header.

You win.

I dreamed of documenting my entire culinary school experience. Every detail – down to how many meringues were whipped during my Contemporary Cakes… but I didn’t because I didn’t have my own URL or a fancy header.

Now, I don’t have a URL, a fancy header or the journal entries.

If I wouldn’t have been such a snob –
I would have more than I have now.

Folks, it is completely acceptable to be a snob about certain things like your butter’s temperature or how long ago your ice crème was churned but not about your life style.

Live. Even if youre not living how you would have pictured it.