I’m a southern raised Florida girl working towards creating a comfy place in the adult world. For so long I’ve lived life in preparation for what has yet to come, which hasn’t been fulfilling – spiritually, mentally or physicallyI am discovering that life is about surrounding yourself with positive up lifting people, soulful food, meaningful memories, musical jams and good wine.

Have you heard the phrase “do something each day that scares you”? Doesn’t that make you question your approach to existing? I want to be able to laugh in the face of danger one day. I encourage each of you to live closer to the life that your appetite is craving. Belief is a beautiful under estimated armor that we can easily own.  Having confidence in our choices and accepting that it is better to be hated for who we are than to be loved for someone we are not is the essence of reality! I've invested years into trying to be the “cool girl”, the “popular girl”, the “trendy girl”, the “pretty girl”, even the “smart girl”.  Those failures carried me through a dark period, now I am acknowledging the opportunities and endless possibilities that are waiting to be uncovered.

I'm prepared to battle the forces to stay true to my creed, what I'm fearful of is honoring my achievements. Come learn to celebrate reality with me!


My anthem adapted from the inspiring Jason Mraz…